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Ikea’s Sonos speakers to be unveiled in April



Swedish furniture retailer Ikea has announced that its highly anticipated Symfonisk series of Sonos speakers will be debuted this April.

The speakers, which will be unveiled in a Milan exhibition, promise to integrate the high sound quality and multi-room functionality of Sonos speakers with everyday pieces of furniture, like shelves and cabinets. 

When the speakers were first announced, Ikea debuted a number of prototypes, including a few speakers that were built directly into shelves, but said that those weren’t final products.

Roll on April

A video released on the Ikea newsroom teases the new Symfonisk speakers, showing a revolving room with the speakers themselves pixelated. 

Although we can’t make out any of the finer details, it looks as though the range could include a wall-mounted speaker and a smaller bookshelf-style speaker – of course, we can’t be sure until we see the speakers in their un-pixelated form. 

We also don’t know how much the speakers will cost, but this will hopefully be announced at the unveiling in April – here’s hoping they don’t cost much more than the Lack side table you bought as a student. 

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