Metro Exodus has a rocky launch on PC – but there’s a fix

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Post-apocalyptic shooter Metro Exodus was officially released today, but the title seems to have had a rocky launch on PC.

Some PC users reported that they were unable to launch the game after download. Following further inspection, it turns out that the game was missing the execution file needed to launch – for Steam users this is”M:SteamsteamappscommonMetro ExodusMetroExodus.exe”.

Image credit: 4A Games

However, while it seems 4A Games has now released a small patch to fix the issue, PC users are continuing to report launch issues such as being booted out of the game shortly after passing the legal screen.

These issues appear to be present for both Steam and Epic Games Store users. While the lack of execution file issue has been resolved, at present no further patches have been rolled out.

If you would rather not wait, and have experienced issues which haven’t been resolved yet, then you can file a complaint through Epic Games Store customer service or Steam Support.

[This is a developing story that we will continue to update as we know more.]


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