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Doing what it does best, Plusnet is back once again to offer the public what is effectively the cheapest broadband deal in the UK right now.

This deal doesn’t start off as the cheapest option out there, in fact it gets topped by a few other cheap competitors such as Onestream and the Post Office. But when you take into account the massive £75 pre-paid Mastercards Plusnet is offering with its internet packages, the price drops to an effective £12.74 a month – the cheapest offer out there. 

So If you’re keen to have cheap internet bills (who isn’t?) and spend the next year paying such a low price (who wouldn’t?), scroll down to see this deal in full. Or if the idea of faffing about with a pre-paid Mastercard sounds like more effort than its worth to save on your home internet, check out our best broadband deals page for all your other options.

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This new Plusnet broadband deal in full:

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Plusnet Unlimited Broadband | 12 months | 10Mb average speed | Free calls to Plusnet customers | £18.99 per month | £10 £5 activation | £75 reward card
Here it is, effectively the UK’s best cheap broadband only deal. It comes in at £18.99 a month, which is already pretty affordable but then it just gets better with the reward card that can be spent anywhere that Mastercard is accepted. If you include that value you end up with a effective monthly price of roughly £12.74. It only gets better considering the upfront costs have been halved.

Deal ends on April 9
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Want something a bit faster from your broadband?

When it comes to cheap ADSL broadband, this is one of the best options out there. If you just want the cheapest broadband deal without Mastercards, Onestream is your best bet – currently the UK’s cheapest option at £13.99 a month. Or for another well known name in internet, TalkTalk has a £17 ADSL offer that could be more up your street.

But if you need something a bit faster, a fibre broadband deal perhaps? Then there really is no beating BT right now. It starts with monthly costs of £29.99 but then dampens that price with a £30 pre-paid Mastercard and the offer of a free Google Home Mini – in terms of overall value, its hard to beat this offer.

For our pick of the most affordable fibre we would offer up Vodafone. With average speeds of 35Mb, no upfront costs and monthly payments of just £21, this is a great fibre package for those looking to spend a smaller price. 


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