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Day After Christmas Sales for 2018 are here to help you buy what you didn’t get as a present for Christmas, and US retailers like Walmart, Amazon and Macy’s are happy to oblige with discounts.

We’ve tracking the price drops that are happening – even ahead of Christmas Eve – to highlight the best After Christmas deals on the internet. A lot of the discounts from a month ago are actually holding up, and we’re seeing even cheaper prices in some cases.

The trick here is get what you really wanted, and do so at a better price. Retailers in the US want to offload extra inventory between now and January and lure buyers who are returning gifts into spending as much or even more money with them.

So, if you’re looking for the best After Christmas sales today, check our constantly updated list of deals below. 

The best After Christmas Sales 2018

After Christmas sales tip from the experts

Here’s a great piece of advice for everyone shopping online: look for open-box or refurbished items in excellent condition during After Christmas sales. People who don’t exactly get what they want and never play with the tech often return it. US retailers have to label these items open box and the typically come with significant price drops.

For example, that Apple HomePod deal for $250, down from $350, was actually price matched by an open-box discount that lasted  a lot longer. In one case, we got it for $238, and it was listed in excellent condition.

The same will go with items like this PS4 Pro:

We’ll continue to update our After Christmas sales list throughout the week, as we discover more discounts. This is just the start of what we expect US retailers to price drop. We’ll also keep tabs on which deals expire, so you can hit checkout with reliable deals, as many after likely to sell out.


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