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Got milk? If you don’t Amazon is now able to fix that for your. Amazon is now selling fresh milk under its through its own-brand grocery delivery service, with lactose-free offerings available through its Happy Belly health food label.

Four different types of lactose-free milk are now available marking Amazon’s first offering in the space away from its subsidiary Whole Foods sales.

Other dairy items have also been added to its store, including Happy Belly half & half, heavy whipping cream and whipped topping, showing Amazon’s commitment to as wide as possible a range of perishables in its store – including catering for a niche like lactose intolerant customers.

Amazon for everything

It’s yet another step in Amazon’s plan to be your one-stop-shop for everything, no matter your needs.

Amazon’s grocery business helps it to further leverage the value of its Amazon Prime service, doubling down on benefits for loyal customers. In the US, alongside its third-party products, Amazon’s first-party exclusive own-brands sell everything from food and beverages to pet care, pet food, household essentials and beauty products.

And all of this enables Amazon to extract a form of payment in a currency that’s just as valuable as your dollars – your data. As Amazon plugs the gaps in its wares, it makes its customers increasingly reliant on its services, obtains further data to mine and finds new ways to empty our pockets.


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