oxford scientist may have solved mystery dark matter

Dark Matter

One of the most galling mysteries in physics is that of dark matter and dark energy, the names given to the unknown material and energy that observations suggest permeate the universe, but that we can’t see. Scientists believe that together, these dark materials could account for up to 95 percent of the total mass in the universe.

Now, a researcher at the University of Oxford says a new theory could explain all that “dark phenomena” — and it’s a mind-bender.

Dark Fluid

The research, published in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics, suggests that dark matter and energy can both be explained if they’re treated as a “negative mass fluid.” Basically, this invisible fluid behaves the opposite way of all conventional materials: if you push it, it would accelerate toward you instead of away.

Jamie Farnes, the Oxford astrophysicist behind the new theory, created a computer model to explore how this dark fluid would affect the universe. He found that it could explain why galaxies hold together as they spin instead of flying apart — a tantalizing hint that his new model might solve existing astrophysical conundrums.


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