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 You can watch the Apple ShowTime event from 10am PDT (5pm BST, 1pm EST) – see how on our dedicated ‘How to watch the Apple March event live‘ page.

The latest Apple event – the one that’s almost certain to see Tim Cook unveil a new streaming service from the Cupertino brand – is now merely hours away from beginning.

Last week gave us a huge amount of new products from Apple; we saw the Airpods 2, the iMac 2019 and 2019’s iPad Air and new iPad mini – all of which preceded the ‘big event’ this week.

It was an interesting move from Apple, which usually would have certainly brought media down to see such a plethora of new hardware unveiled to the world. Instead, it seems the much-vaunted streaming service, along with a news and magazine subscription platform as Apple pushes more into the world of services.

We’re going to be bringing you all of the action as it’s unveiled at Apple’s Cupertino Steve Jobs Theater, complete with analysis and reaction on all the announcements as they happen. Keep refreshing the page below to get the latest morsels of juicy gossip.

All times in US Pacific Time (PDT)

07:45 – Let’s go back to the Apple job board on LinkedIn and see what else we can dig up – oooh, Apple Aperture. That must be the name of the camera division.

Nope – there’s nothing good in there. Let’s head back to Caffe Apple… we’ve got a corker here:

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(Image: © TechRadar)

Going to go out on a limb and say that one’s filled.

07:30 – It’s now two and a half hours until the event kicks off, which means the buzz is likely beginning over in Cupertino. As you probably know, if Apple does go for a Netflix rival, it’ll be big news.

But make sure you cast your vote in our special poll above – when I asked our Home Tech Editor Gerald to put it together, I hoped he’d make it a little more interesting.

07:15 – OK, there’s no Head of Pranks. But there is a ‘Caffè Macs iCup Supply Specialist’. 

What’s iCup? Glad you asked:

“The Apple iCup service is specially designed to provide a fresh brew coffee to all Apple employees within their department. The iCup Supply Specialist is responsible for service and supply of this equipment and is also available on call during business hours of operation.”

So there you go.

07:10 – Did you know that Apple chucked out a fake live stream last night, where security guards wandered across the stage, Chris Evans (AKA Captain America) calling in and other ‘secret tidbits’ offered up.

Oh Apple. You do love a bit of mischief. Thinking about it, that stunt would have cost a lot of time and multiple meetings within Cupertino. Does Apple have a Head of Pranks? To LinkedIn…

07:00 – It’s the big day! If you’re thinking that Monday is going to be another dull, hard  slog into the working week, then think again. There’s an Apple event and it’s going to be the start of something new for the brand: a streaming service, of all things.

Given it skipped a hardware unveiling event for iPads, computers and headphones, one has to assume that Apple is going go big on this one, as it ushers in a new era of services being more important than some devices.


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