astronomers teasing first ever black hole photo

Event Horizon

The international team behind the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) project is gearing up for a huge announcement next week — and according to ScienceAlert‘s analysis, it’s likely to be the first-ever photo of a black hole’s event horizon.

If that prediction is correct, the April 10 event will be a monumental moment for science — providing a glimpse of one of the most epic objects in the known universe.

Media Blitz

The EHT is a network of telescopes around the globe. For several years, astronomers have been using it to peer into Sagittarius A*, the monster black hole at the center of our galaxy with the goal of looking past the space debris to see its event horizon, the point at which matter and light can no longer escape.

An advance briefing on the April 10 announcement does little to temper expectations that the team has succeeded in that effort, promising a “groundbreaking result” from the EHT.


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