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What’s the best Apple Watch face? Well, it comes down to your particular style.

Thankfully, no matter your taste, Apple surely has one that suits you. Whether you prefer a more traditional look in your watch face or one that will show off some memories in a personalized photo slideshow, you’re covered.

Initially Apple only released ten watch faces to choose from on the Apple Watch, but now there are many, many more plus we expect Apple to bring others in the future with further watchOS updates.

In fact, watchOS 5 brought lots of improvements for watch faces such as the ability to put third-party app complications into the Siri watch face so you can see extra information directly from the opening screen.

To get started at changing your watch face, simply use Force Touch – essentially a firm press – on the face of the watch and you’ll be taken to a gallery mode where various faces are listed. From there, you’ll get the option to select one, with a few of them allowing further customization choices.

You’ve picked the watch, you’ve sorted between the best Apple Watch bands, so now have a look at the best watch faces available through Apple.


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