Look, we get it. You are looking to buy an electric toothbrush and you’re doing an extensive research before getting one. You’ve heard about Philips and Oral B but you know theres more than that (although both brands are among the best electric toothbrush brands). You want to increase your buying options, you want to differentiate.

If we nailed it in our introduction, wait until you read the rest of the article. Well, in this article we are sharing what we consider to be the best electric toothbrush brands for 2022.

Our selections stems from various factors such as: the features each electric toothbrush brand has, reviews on Amazon, design and various other factors.

So get a chair and let’s see what are the best electric toothbrush brands for 2022.

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Best Electric Toothbrush Brands


Philips has been around for ages, providing health care products of different genres to millions of people.

Their Sonicare series of electric toothbrushes is guaranteed to remove and prevent plaque, and promises healthier teeth and gums within in two weeks. Plaque is a substance containing bacteria that sometimes accumulates on the teeth between brushes. Brushing twice daily with your Philips Sonicare will keep your teeth clean of plaque up to 7x more effectively than a manual toothbrush.

Their Sonic Sonicare Electric Toothbrush is trusted by many people. The package includes a USB charging case, a charging glass, three interchangeable brush heads and an award winning design.

☝ The best reasons for using an electric toothbrush is that electric toothbrushes are more accurate, more consistent, and make many more brush strokes than their manual counterparts. And they are more convenient.

The brush is available in colours such as amethyst and soft pink and has many features including reminders to move onto the next section of teeth. Five brushing modes give you a mode for every section of teeth. It is incredibly powerful and features a good grip. Plaque is fairly easy to remove for up to two days after it began to build up. Philips Sonicare is an easy way to get rid of it – longer, more frequent brushing will remove it fairly quickly.

They also have various models of Philip Sonicare electric toothbrushes available, such as DiamondClean, FlexCare, Platinum Connected, HealthyWhite+, Sonicare For Kids, Essence+, and PowerUp.


Oral B is considered by some to be the “Mercedes Benz” of the electric toothbrush world. The Oral B ORAL-B Pro 5000 with Bluetooth Connectivity Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush rates 4.71/5 on some amazon. It is considered by Oral B to be their most innovative invention ever.

The specs of the Oral B ORAL-B Pro 5000 with Bluetooth Connectivity Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush are as follows:

  • It removes 100% more plaque along the gum line than a regular manual toothbrush;
  • It has clinically proven superior 3D Cleaning action oscillates, rotates and pulsates to break up and remove more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush;
  • It has 5 modes, i.e. Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening, and Deep Clean;
  • It is rechargeable;
  • By means of a built in pressure sensor alert it is able to sense when you brush too hard;
  • The In-handle timer pulses every 30 seconds to let you know when to switch areas of the mouth.
oral b 5000
The Oral-B 5000 with Bluetooth Connectivity electric toothbrush.

The Oral B ORAL-B Pro 5000 with Bluetooth Connectivity Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush is considered to be the No1 dentist used toothbrush globally.

It also features a revolutionary new way to take care of your oral health: not only does it remove more plaque but also eliminates doubt. If you want a more in-depth review of Oral B 5000 click here.

Download the Oral-B app on your smartphone and connect with Bluetooth technology to get real-time feedback on your brushing habits.

Oral B has several electric toothbrush models from which you can choose. The brand has been the most widely used brand of toothbrush since shortly after their inception in the early 1990s.


Colgate has been a leader in the field of dental care and oral health for a considerable time already.

Here is a review on the Colgate website: “With 32,500 strokes per minute and a multi-directional cleaning brush which automatically adjusts to a different speed and cleaning action depending on its position in your mouth, this makes you feel as though you’ve just come back from the hygienist. And while it offers tremendous power and efficiency, it feels gentle even on sensitive teeth and is quiet too.

Read another review: “If you travel a lot but find your normal brush too bulky to transport and other compacts too tame, this is excellent. Delivering an impressive 25,500 brush strokes a minute with side-to-side and up-down motion, it also feels nice to hold, even when steering into hard-to-reach areas. It’s a good size, can be charged in its USB charging case and the two-minute timer means you won’t skimp on the recommend time, even if you’re jetlagged”.

51Fvo22ssOL. SL1000 min
The hum electric toothbrush by Colgate. Available on Amazon

Colgate also features a wide range of Kiddy brushes with story and cartoon designs to capture the attention of children while they brush their teeth.

Some of these brushes have audible stories or instruction that have been pre-programmed so that kids can listen to what they should do and follow the instructions. These kiddy range toothbrushes are battery powered to prevent the kids from being electrocuted.


Brio Products was started for the production of great products that would be certain to promote the health and safety of their customers. Their products are well designed in order to guarantee satisfaction.

All their products are believed to be extremely functional and exceptionally beautiful. The “beautiful” in the equation is believed to be necessary for emotional connection and full acceptance. The products are also believed to “stand above the ordinary”. Every Brio product has been designed for perfect balance and style.

They feature two models of electric toothbrush, the “Proclean Sonic and the Smartclean Sonic. Both models have interchangeable brush heads, and replacement brush heads are available for when the old ones have worn out.

Brio values their customers, and therefore has a customer feedback practice to promote communication between them and the customers. They pride themselves in having an open door policy by which customers are constantly being encouraged to provide quality feedback.

They need this feedback in order to be able to improve their products whenever necessary. The feedback they receive via customer reviews is important to them, and drives their product development and improvement process.

They encourage their customers to let them know immediately, should any of their products not function exactly as expected.

Their founder and CEO, Eric Steckling, writes as follows:

“I have been a relentless scrutinizer of products for as long as I can remember.” I founded Brio Product Group to bring the best available products to market. Whatever the product or category, any item that carries the Brio name has passed our demanding standards.”


Water Pik, Inc. pride themselves in having been a leader in the development of personal and oral health care family products since 1962. They work according to many patents that are being used to develop the innovative products that they are known for. Water Pik, Inc products are recognized for award-winning design and technology.

The President and CEO of Water Pik is Richard Bisson, and he leads a team of highly professional designers and developers that produce the excellent quality products that they are known for, such as clinically tested and approved family oral health products, including the Water Pik Water Flosser; Professional oral health products that have been known for preventing loss of teeth and restoring oral health;

81eE lekRL. SL1500 min
Waterpik CC-01 Complete Care. Available on Amazon

According to customer review their dental set looks more like a set of instruments in the dentist’s surgery rather than a dental care set in a home bathroom. But it is definitely effective for the purpose for which it was intended.

The set includes a high-powered water flosser and state of the art sonic toothbrush.

This is definitely a great way to look after your dental and oral hygiene. The entire set is about the size of an electric kettle.

The water flosser works by filling the reservoir with water and pointing the tip at your teeth. The water pressure and pulsations work together to effectively clean between your teeth.

Highly suitable for people who have crowns or braces, it easily reaches each little space and it works below the gum line too.


Hangsun specializes in beauty and personal care. They have an exciting range of health and beauty gadgets that were all developed to enhance beauty and personal appearance.

Their easily accessible online shop places all products conveniently and easily within your reach, although it would have been great if they had descriptions of their products for potential customers to read before they decide to buy.

Since its inception, Hangsun has launched an innovative range of health and beauty products that have obviously been designed with quality and great performance in mind.

They released their first home IPL laser hair removal system in September 2015, thereby making professional hair removal results available globally.

Their products are popular within many markets including Europe, Hong Kong, China, Japan, America, and Australia. Their products are also widely available from the Amazon.

Hangsun is dedicated to continually pioneer new releases in beauty gadget technology, introducing products that were developed by means of a fusion of beauty and salon techniques, thereby delivering innovative treatments to your home.

They remain dedicated to their quest of helping you find new solutions to your needs. They strive to continue leading the way to a healthy and fashionable new generation. They promise to always be there for you whenever you need something new to enhance your appearance.

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Yes, they do have an electric toothbrush available in order to help you keep your teeth sparkling white and your smile attractive. The HT1000 Sonic toothbrush can be obtained from Hangsun website by following this link.


Foreo – believing that confidence makes life more vibrant.

Foreo strives to impress you. They specialize in the profound, and their mission is to make your days better and brighten your life. How you feel impacts your wellbeing and the way in which you approach the world.

For that very reason they strive to promote self-confidence. The way you feel has a lasting impact on how you approach the world, and also on your well-being. Everything they do is meant to give you that extra bit of flair when you enter or exit a venue.

foreo issa min
Foreo Issa 3. Available on Amazon

They are there to make you look good… and when you feel good you look good… therefore it is their mission to make you feel good.

Foreo is built on the firm belief that creative destruction is what makes the world go round, leaving iterative improvements by the wayside. FOREO sees improvement as “a bar too low”.

They revolutionize technology, using it by means of research and forward-focused insights to create visionary solutions, thereby setting the new standard.

Bringing together world-class experts with product designers and engineers at the FOREO Institute, they challenge how they can alter existing standards in the pursuit of improving lives. To them, success can only be defined by revolutionary function and form.

Foreo’s range of electric toothbrushes consists of the ISSA (More than just an electric toothbrush: your complete oral care solution), the ISSA Mini (An electric toothbrush for kids! -or the kid in you!) and the ISSA Mikro (Essential Oral Care for Our Littlest Brushers – Ages 0 through 4!)


Manufactured by Goldspire Group Ltd that was founded by a leading expert in the world of ultrasound tooth cleaning and –whitening, MEGASONEX combines the expertise of the inventor of ultrasonic tooth cleaning technology with a sharp Japanese design refined in California. No expense has been spared to ensure that MEGASONEX products are without equal.

Goldspire uses strict corporate policy of using fair and ethical suppliers. Executives personally visit all manufacturing partners, ensuring that each MEGASONEX product is manufactured by happy, well-paid, well-rested workers that fulfil their duties in a clean, safe, modern environment that complies with the most stringent environmental and labor laws applicable in their region.

Goldspire believes in producing lasting beautiful products of excellent quality that look beautiful and are built to last, therefore they also believe that because of the cost of their technology they should sell their products at a premium price.

And while people don’t mind paying for the best technology, Goldspire believes that people should get the luxury they pay for, because it is only right and fair.

MEGASONEX electric toothbrushes are made in a state-of-the-art facility that adheres to the most stringent of international directives, including ISO-9001.  All toothbrushes are produced using an exact multi-step production process. Their Swiss quality control inspection is an automatic stage in the production process.

They only sell through a select few leading dental professionals, and never in retail stores, because they want to be sure that each of their customers has to clear advice and instruction on how to use their newly acquired products.

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With the Kolibree Electric and Connected Toothbrush learning to brush your teeth has never been easier:

Directly form their website:

Our research indicates that plaque removal is almost twice as efficient for children using Kolibree than for those using a regular electric toothbrush. Kolibree is simply the best Bluetooth connected toothbrush available today

According to Dentist Holly Hasegawa (DDS, MS), learning good dental habits becomes one playful experience with Kolibree. Kids have fun playing a new game while learning to brush their teeth. And playing the game increases brushing time while kids have fun, ensuring that they brush thoroughly enough to clean their teeth properly. The game also directs your kids how to brush areas that they might have neglected otherwise.

The Toothbrush

Being the world’s first toothbrush with artificial intelligence, the Kolibree toothbrush can be referred to as “Intelligence at Play”. It becomes a family fun time. No more continual prompting your kids to go and brush their teeth. The game app “interprets qualitative & quantitative information about your kids’ and your brushing habits”.


The device has been excellently designed to fit the hands of children as well as adults, and gentle vibration ensures that sensitive gums are not injured. To protect the gums, the brush comes with rounded bristles.

Gentle vibration prevents harm to sensitive gums, and if used on a daily basis, the Kolibree will assist in preventing plaque and cavities.

So it seems that all toothbrushes are not made equal after all. For more on this wonder device, follow this link.


Emmi-dent – Superior Ultrasound Dental Care.

A clean, germ-free toothbrush provides peace of mind. In most cases, however, the bristles of your toothbrush becomes a hideout for bacteria, which survives on your toothbrush until the next time you brush our teeth.

Emmi-dent has found a solution to this problem. Cleaning where no bristles can reach, the Emmi-dent Ultrasound Toothbrush breaks down bacteria and deep cleanses even below the gum line, where no conventional toothbrush can reach.

Emmi-dent is a leading ultrasound toothbrush created via new German technology which has entered the market using a new way of motionless, gentle cleaning and whitening without brushing or friction.

Ultrasound is generated by a newly patented Ultrasound Piezo Chip which is safely set in the head of the brush, using Ultrasound at up to 96 million air oscillations (ultrasonic pulses) per minute, transmitting them via the bristles in conjunction with the special Fluoride-, Paraben- and Gluten free Emmi-dent toothpaste that contain billions of Nano bubbles. Emmi-dent Ultrasound Toothbrush technology destroys plaque and tartar in a matter of minutes.

Because of frictionless operation, there will never be abrasion to your teeth and gums. The Emmi-dent Ultrasonic toothbrush beat their opposition in many ways, and is bound to become the most revolutionary and most prevalent electric toothbrush in history.

Emmi-dent whitens your teeth, removing stains such as coffee stains from your teeth. Ultrasound and Nano bubbles restores natural teeth color within a few days.

Emmi-dent destroys plaque and tartar, is effective against gum disease and bleeding gums, activates blood flow in the gums to promote healing and works without friction to prevent abrasion… and now it is available in Silver, Blue and Anthracite.

For more about the Emmi-dent Ultrasound Electric Toothbrush, please visit their website.

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In this article we talked about the Best Electric Toothbrush Brands that are available in the market. What is are some of the Best Electric Toothbrush Brands in your opinion? Do you have one to recommend? If yes, let us know in the comments section below.

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