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The iPhone XS is, well…expensive, to say the least. Although it works out as one of the most pricey phones out there however, it is also by far one of the best on the market so it isn’t really too hard to justify paying that price. And we’re here to tell you what the best XS deals are right now, with the our favourite right now offering huge data on EE.

This tariff came out around the Black Friday period and has been our Editor’s Pick for XS deals ever since – nothing has managed to come along and beat it. So what are you getting here? 60GB of data with no upfront costs and just £58 monthly payments. While that might still sound like a lot, it’s fantastic value such an expensive handset.

If this deal has intrigued you then check out all of the details below including what makes the device stand out. But if this wasn’t the XS deal you were looking for then don’t worry, we have gathered all of the very best iPhone XS deals for you to check out, too.

This big data iPhone XS deal in full:

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iPhone XS from Mobile Phones Direct | EE | FREE Upfront | Unlimited minutes and texts | 60GB data | £58pm
No XS deal touches this effort in terms of sheer value. There are no upfront fees (which is a miracle when it comes to the XS) and £58 a month is very reasonable for what is one of the most expensive phones on the market right now, not to mention you’re getting an absolutely massive 60GB of data.
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So what’s so good about the iPhone XS?

There is a good reason for the iPhone XS’s lofty price. Extremely powerful and full of features, it’s clearly one of the best phones on the market right now. And Apple’s near infinity display (that notch still blocks a full screen) looks amazing. Although it hasn’t been hugely improved on from the previous model it’s about as high-end a phone as you can get right now and especially for this price. You can read more in our full iPhone XS review.


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