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It’s a sad fact of Christmas that once the thrill of unwrapping your presents subsides and you look at the shiny new tech you’ve just luckily received, your thoughts then need to turn towards antivirus and how to protect them.

Unfortunately, cybercriminals and scammers don’t take the Christmas holidays off and so it’s no surprise that the demand for antivirus software shoots through the roof from December 26 onwards. We’ve reviewed all the best (and worst) security software from the web and Bitdefender is the one we’d recommend the most.

What’s more, Bitdefender currently has a massive 60% discount on all three of its premium packages, meaning you can get online peace of mind for effectively only $2 a month. And that’s for up to three computers, too – monthly coverage for your family’s laptops for less than the price of a coffee.

The limited time offer (it’s scheduled to end on New Year’s Eve) includes the provider’s trio of 2019 consumer plans. So there’s Antivirus Plus (our favorite), Internet Security or the all singing all-dancing Total Security to choose from – the latter covering Macs, Android and iOS as well as Windows PCs. There are more details on each below:

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Bitdefender Internet Security 2019 | 3 Windows PCS | $79.99 Now $31.99 (around £24.50)
Bitdefender’s most advanced protection adds Network Threat Prevention and the company’s own VPN into the mix. Protecting up to three PCs, it’s great value for a family of PC users.
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Bitdefender Total Security 2019 | 5 devices | $89.99 Now $35.99 (around £28)
Takes Antivirus Plus’s virus protecting prowess and makes it available for Mac, Android and iOS, too. You can cover five devices with the one subscription to cover home computing and mobile.
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