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BT is back once again doing what it does best – affordable broadband with a bunch of freebies. This time the internet giant has outdone itself offering free access to the BT Sport app, prepaid Mastercards of up to £140 and free activation with its Superfast Fibre deals.

The standout deal here is BT’s standard Superfast Fibre package. For £29.99 a month you’re getting speeds of 50Mb (that means rapid 6MB per second downloads), the BT Sport app and a £100 reward card. That’s a lot of value for the price you’re paying and when you take the Reward Card into account the monthly cost effectively drops to just £24.43. Superb in anybody’s book for fibre broadband deals.

Or for an extra tenner a month, you can crank up the speeds and receive a £140 Mastercard. You can see both of these deals below with all the pricing and freebies that are included. And if this isn’t quite the internet plan you’re looking for then check out our best broadband deals page for all of your other options, with plans starting from a mere £13.99 per month.

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BT’s new Superfast fibre broadband deals:

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BT Superfast Fibre | 18 months | Avg. speed 50Mb | Weekend calls | £9.99 delivery | £29.99pm + £100 reward card
Sports fans rejoice as BT is throwing in FREE access to the BT Sport app with these packages. You can see more information below as to what that entails. Considering that effective monthly cost of £24.43. in the world of fibre broadband deals that is pretty damn cheap!
View Deal

BT Superfast Fibre 2 | 18 months | Avg. speed 67Mb | Weekend calls | £9.99 delivery | £39.99pm + £140 reward card
Going up in speed, this package offers you a bumped up 67Mb average speed. Along with that you’re also getting a £140 reward card. Most importantly, you’re still getting the free access to the BT Sport app and free activation. That’s a lot of perks for an affordable price.

Both deals end on January 31View Deal

What do you get with the BT Sport app?

With the BT Sport app you’ll have access to all the same content you’d have with BT Sport on your TV. That means you can watch every match of the UEFA Champions League live (which is exclusive to BT Sport until 2021), every Gallagher Premiership Rugby match and the MotoGP. And that’s just for starters…


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