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Electric car startup Byton is back. After unveiling its M-Byte Concept vehicle back at CES in 2018, it’s returned to Las Vegas, Nevada for CES 2019 with news that the M-Byte will be available before the end of 2019.

There will be two models of the all-electric M-Byte, with the entry level model offering up to 250 miles on a single charge and starting at $45,000. There will also be a model with a bigger battery, which will offer up to 320 miles from one charge.

The M-Byte comes loaded with innovative features, and it’s the first car to offer full connectivity on the go with multiple antennas and 5G support built in.

Inside, the main attraction is the huge, 48-inch display which spans the entire width of the vehicle (that’s the size of seven tablets or 24 smartphones). 

The look of the interior has been updated over the Concept for the production version, but the huge screen remains, as does the 7-inch ‘driver tablet’ which is mounted in front of the steering wheel. The tablet doesn’t rotate with the steering wheel though, keeping it orientated correctly the whole time.

Physical buttons and stalks have also been included on and behind the wheel, to provide quick, safe access to core features and provide a still-familiar look and feel for drivers.

Another screen has been included as well, with an 8-inch display housed between the front two seats of the Byton M-Byte. This is more for the front seat passenger more than the driver, but you’ll also be able to use voice and gesture control as well.

Just ask Alexa

Amazon Alexa is integrated into the Byton Byte OS, allowing you to harness the power of the smart voice assistant, from controlling music and navigation, to buying products and making dinner recommendations and booking.

It also had its K-Byte concept car (announced in 2018) featuring a digital grille, which certainly looks cool, but we’re not too sure how practical it’ll actually be day-to-day.

The Byton press conference is currently happening right now, and we’ll be updating this article live as more information is announced. 


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