We’re planning on going a 3-day camping trip this summer and we’re not taking the tablet or plan to “shove” our smartphones in our kids’ faces, just to keep them busy. That’s why, this summer, we’re sparking our kids’ creativity with 15 camping crafts that are both fun and engaging.

I already imagine them painting glow-in-the-dark rocks, crafting DIY wooden magnets, or getting lost in camping activity books filled with games and stickers. We’ll have acrylic paint pens perfect for mess-free masterpieces and kits for making adorable woodland creatures.

And that’s just the start! There’s a whole list of imaginative projects waiting to make our camping trip unforgettable.

Curious to know what else is in store? Let’s explore the magic hidden in these crafty adventures.

Creative And Fun Camping Crafts for Kids

1. Glow in The Dark Kids Rock Painting Kit

Glow in The Dark Kids Rock Painting Kit

The Glow in The Dark Kids Rock Painting Kit is a fun camping craft for kids. It comes with acrylic paints, brushes, and stencils, making setup super easy. Kids can pick, clean, and paint rocks, sparking creativity and fine motor skills. Just watch out for paint stains and small pieces.

2. DIY Wooden Magnets

DIY Wooden Magnets min

Worgree’s DIY Wooden Magnets kit is a fun camping craft for kids aged 4 to 12. It includes 36 wooden shapes, 12 colorful pens, and 36 magnet stickers. Kids can paint happy animals or festive shapes and stick them on the fridge. It’s easy, creative, and perfect for making gifts.

3. Camping Activity Books

Camping Activity Books

These camping activity books are great for kids who love camping. Each pack has 24 books, with 6 different covers showing tents and bonfires. Inside, there are 12 fun mini games on 6 sheets to keep kids busy. The books are small, 6.8″ x 4.9″, and made from safe, good-quality paper.

4. Acrylic Paint Pens

Acrylic Paint Pens

Acrylic paint pens are easy-to-use tools that make painting fun and less messy. Perfect for camping, just throw them in your bag. They’re great for drawing on rocks, wood, or canvas. The JR WHITE Painting Scrapbooking Supplies Graffiti Kit from Amazon has many colors and a graffiti board for endless fun.

5. Make A Woodland Creatures Stickers

Creatures Stickers

Transform your camping trip with Tiaronics’ Woodland Creatures Stickers! Perfect for kids aged 3 and up, these fun, reusable stickers feature cute animals like foxes, owls, and bears. Just peel and stick them on scrapbooks, posters, or any craft project to create a magical woodland scene. Comes with 30 packs for endless fun!

6. Rock Painting Kit

rock painting kit

The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Rock Painting Kit is perfect for kids who love animals and being creative. This kit has 15 river stones, 10 watercolor paints, googly eyes, a paintbrush, transfer stickers, a paint palette, and a learning guide. It’s a fun way to make colorful, silly creatures while camping.

7. Bird Feeder Craft Kits

Bird Feeder Craft Kits

The AluAbi Bird Feeder Craft Kits are perfect for nature-loving kids. They come with 12 wooden trays, feeding boxes, paints, brushes, rope, and diamond stickers. Kids can easily assemble and decorate the feeders. These kits make a great camping craft, allowing kids to enjoy outdoor creativity. Just add glue for stability!

8. Friendship Bracelet Making Kit

Friendship Bracelet Making Kit

This Friendship Bracelet Making Kit is perfect for camping. Kids aged 6 and up will enjoy creating colorful bracelets with beads, clasps, and stickers. The kit includes 16 patterns and step-by-step instructions. It’s easy to share and trade bracelets, making it fun and social.

9. Clay Luminaries Kit

Clay Luminaries Kit

The MHMYDIS Clay Luminaries Kit is a fun camping craft for kids who like to create things. It has 47 pieces, including colorful, safe clay, molds, tools, LED tea lights, and instructions. Kids can make up to four pretty clay lanterns by shaping and baking the clay for 20 minutes.

10. Wooden Birdhouses Craft Set

Wooden Birdhouses Craft Set

Neliblu’s 12 DIY Wooden Birdhouses are a fun camping craft for kids. They can paint and decorate birdhouses, connecting them to nature. The kit includes birdhouses, paint, brushes, stickers, strings, and instructions. Use wood glue and make larger holes for real birds. Perfect for ages 3 and up!

11. Horseshoe Wind Chime Kit

Horseshoe Wind Chime Kit 2

The Horseshoe Wind Chime Kit by Fennoral is a fun camping craft for kids. It comes with 16 wooden horseshoes, 48 wind chime tubes, painting brushes, wires, color ropes, and rhinestone stickers. Kids can paint the horseshoes in their favorite colors and assemble the chimes to make unique, jingly art.

12. Wooden Snakes Kits

Wooden Snakes Kits

These 12-inch wooden snake kits are a fun camping craft for kids. They spark creativity and help with hand-eye coordination. Each kit has 10 pieces of safe, odorless wood to paint with acrylics or markers. Sanding and securing the tongues make it even more enjoyable. Kids will love making their own colorful snakes!

13. Paper Airplane Squadron Kit

Paper Airplane Squadron Kit

The Paper Airplane Squadron Kit lets kids aged 6-8 create cool paper airplanes. Perfect for camping, it includes 20 colorful sheets and fun stickers. Easy instructions make folding simple, boosting motor skills and creativity. Just follow the steps, add stickers, and enjoy flying them solo or with friends.

14. Play-Doh Modeling Compound

Play-Doh Modeling Compound

Play-Doh is a fun, non-toxic modeling compound that keeps kids happy during camping trips. With ten bright colors, kids can shape animals and campfire scenes, boosting creativity and fine motor skills. The easy-to-open, recyclable packaging makes setup and cleanup simple, ensuring hours of imaginative play for children aged 24 months and up.

15. Foil Fun Animals

Foil Fun Animals

Foil Fun Animals are a great camping craft for kids aged 4-9. They come with foam stickers, colorful foil sheets, picture canvases, googly eyes, and instructions. Kids can create sparkling animals easily, improving hand-eye coordination and creativity. Parents love that it’s mess-free and keeps children entertained for hours.


This summer, let your kids’ imaginations run wild with these 15 fantastic camping crafts!

From painting glowing rocks and creating DIY magnets to diving into activity books and making adorable woodland creature stickers, there’s something to spark every child’s creativity.

Don’t forget the endless fun with paper airplanes, wooden snakes, and more.

So pack up those craft supplies, hit the great outdoors, and watch as your little artists create unforgettable masterpieces.

Happy crafting!

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