china is sending teens to a simulated mars colony1

Mars Colony

It sounds like the premise to a young adult novel: a totalitarian government sends its kids to a special facility to train them for life on Mars. But this strange project isn’t fictional — it’s China’s C-Space base.

“We are trying to come up with solutions,” C-Space founder Bai Fan told AFP of the project, adding that “the base is still on [Earth], it’s not on Mars, but we have chosen a landform that matches closest to Mars.”

Space Camp

At the high-tech space camp, according to AFP, the teens will wear mock space suits while they explore the Mars-esque landscape of the Qaidam Basin.

But as China preps for a Mars rover mission expected to launch as soon as next year, at least one academic says the C-Space simulated Mars base is silly and bears little resemblance to a genuine base on the Red Planet — especially if, as planned, it opens to the public as a tourist destination with a themed restaurant.

“From the very beginning, I’ve been opposed to this,” Peking University professor Jiao Weixin told AFP. “Tourism doesn’t make much sense… what is the meaning in it?”

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