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You know you want a Samsung Galaxy S10, you’ve read the leaks and have researched what Samsung has to offer. But are you aware of what else is available at that price range?

The price of Galaxy S10 deals are currently shaping up to be around the £800-mark for a SIM-free handset – you don’t need us to tell you that isn’t cheap. While it is expected to be one of Samsung’s greatest phones yet, that price tag lands you directly in the middle of some of the best phones out right now. When you’re paying over £800 you want the absolute best your money can get you.

Below, we’ve picked out our picks of the top four mobile phone deals in the same price range as the S10, ranging from Apple to Google to the lesser known Oppo. Each of these phones stands out for different reasons but they are all considered some of the best phones available right now. So have a read through and see which one suits your needs the most.

The Apple alternative – iPhone XR

The one with the top camera – Google Pixel 3

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Google Pixel 3 | SIM-free | £739 (from John Lewis)
There is one thing that Google does better than everyone else – camera quality. Since the first Pixel device, Google has stunned the world with the quality of the photos coming out of its device. The Pixel 3 really refined that quality, bringing in features such as night photos, wide angle photos and super-res zoom. You can read about all of the many features in our Google Pixel 3 review or see all of the possible prices on our best Google Pixel 3 deals page.
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Features galore with the Huawei Mate 20 Pro

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Huawei Mate 20 Pro | SIM-free | £749 (from John Lewis)
Since its release, we’ve been big fans of the Mate 20 Pro. Finally, a phone to compete with Samsung and Apple. The phone won us over through its top of the line specs and unique features including reverse charging and in-screen fingerprint scanners. There’s no denying that the Mate 20 Pro is the most feature packed, beefed up phone at this price range. Or if that SIM-free cost seems like a bit much, spread it out over a contract with a Mate 20 Pro deal.
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The unexpected choice – Oppo Find X

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Oppo Find X | SIM-free | £799 (from Carphone Warehouse)
You might be sat there thinking what is an Oppo and why would I want to spend almost £800 on it? Well let us calm those worries and explain why this underdog device could be a great choice. Oppo is a Chinese phone brand which just so happens to be one of the most popular in the world. It has recently made its way to the UK and brought with it some impressive devices. The Oppo Find X features one of the most impressive looking screens out there, huge amounts of power and an innovative pop-up camera.
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