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If you’ve been eyeing the fantastic OnePlus 6T phone and waiting for the perfect time to pick one up, we have great news: T-Mobile has a deal during Cyber Monday that essentially gives you the phone for free.

Of course, there are a couple caveats, but stick with us here.

You’ll have to pay $580 up-front for the model T-Mobile offers, the 128GB + 8GB RAM OnePlus 6T. Then you will need to trade in a qualifying Android phone (one of a range of newer models, which we’ll list below). Last, you’ll need to add the phone as an additional line to an existing T-Mobile account.

For that, T-Mobile will pay you back the cost of one of their OnePlus 6T phones – $580 – over the course of 24 months in the form of bill credits.

The list of trade-in Android phones that is pretty generous, too. Those that qualify include phones as old as the Galaxy S6 up to the Galaxy S8, as well as the Note 5 and Note 8. You can also turn in a Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL. LG’s V30, V30+, G6 and G7 also work, as do Motorola’s Moto Z2 Force and Z2 Play. OnePlus is even including its older models like the 5, 5T and 6.

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Get a OnePlus 6T essentially for free with T-Mobile
Trade in an old phone, buy a $580 OnePlus 6T up-front and T-Mobile will pay you back fully over two years. You’ll have to add this line to your existing T-Mobile account, but that’s a precious few hoops to jump through for a virtually free phone.View Deal


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