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OPPO has introduced the world’s fastest flash charge, Super VOOC. Recently, the company also announced licensing its VOOC flash charge technology, which is already used by more than 100 million smartphones worldwide. This phenomenal number of VOOC users is a testimony to consumers’ trust in the technology. By licensing this proprietary technology, OPPO seeks to drive the development of the flash charging industry and jointly build a VOOC flash charge ecosystem with industry partners, to provide a superior flash charging experience for consumers everywhere.

The world’s fastest charging solution – a 5-minute charge, for 2 hours talk time

The VOOC Flash Charge has already become an industry standard for flash charge.  VOOC is a low voltage, fast charging technology that reaches four times the charging rate of conventional charging technology (5V/1A). With just 5 minutes of charge, you can have 2 hours of talk time, and 10 minutes of charge gives you 40% battery.

As an upgrade of VOOC Flash Charge, Super VOOC is designed to elevate the charging experience. The Super VOOC Flash Charge was first added to OPPO’s latest flagship Find X smartphone, boasting 50W speeds to fully charge the device in just 35 minutes. Super VOOC uses the industry’s first series dual-cell, which takes 35 minutes to fully charge a 3400 mAh battery, and just an additional 5 minutes to fully charge a 4000 mAh battery.  

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Certified by international safety authorities

Certified by the German safety authority, TÜV Rheinland, VOOC Flash Charge is building a technology ecosystem. Further, OPPO has cooperated with Rheinland Laboratory to conduct a strict safety test on super flash charging proposals. In addition to the Super VOOC version of Find X, the OPPO R17 Pro, also equipped with Super VOOC Flash Charge, passed TÜV Rheinland’s rigorous safety evaluation. The assessment includes 1,000 trial tests, which by far exceeds the industry requirement, as well as 600 independent fast-charge/discharge battery life tests and 10,000 hot plug tests on charging terminals. These test results confirm the safety and reliability of the mobile flash charging technology.

With Super VOOC Flash Charge, OPPO has five-core protections, which check the safety level when the phone is charging. All nodes, including the charging plug, USB cable, mobile phone, and battery, are separately protected by specialized chips. Amongst these, OPPO has customized a VCU intelligent control chip which manages the voltage, flow and temperature throughout the whole system.

Bolstered by global certification and extensive intellectual property strategic partnerships, OPPO is bringing consumers a more secure and effortless flash charging experience.

The coolest flash charge, enabling you to safely use your phone during charging

OPPO always gives top priority to product safety while pursuing a faster charging speed. The cumulative sales of over 100 million VOOC Flash Charge mobile phones can also prove OPPO’s ability to control product quality. VOOC replaces the heat-generating step-down circuit with the all-terminal MCU smart charging circuit, enabling low-voltage charging and transferring heat to the adapter. This allows you to safely use your phone during charging, without it getting hot.

Continuous R&D efforts

OPPO strives to provide a superior mobile experience to global users through technological innovation. By further expanding the licensing of VOOC Flash Charge, OPPO aims to create a VOOC Flash Charge ecosystem with its partners, enhancing VOOC Flash Charge’s influence in the industry and enabling a greater number of consumers to enjoy a more exceptional flash charging experience.

With unwavering dedication to driving R&D, OPPO has established a robust technological foundation with VOOC Flash Charge, which has applied for more than 1,000 core patents worldwide. In addition to optimizing existing schemes, OPPO continues to innovate flash charging technology, with marked progress in Super VOOC since it was first announced at Mobile World Congress in 2016.


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