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Wanted to get a top-end flagship phone in the new year but January spending left your bank feeling empty? Well this Samsung Galaxy S9 deal could be the perfect solution offering the device for an especially affordable price. 

The offer we’re referring to is this 3GB of data Galaxy S9 for just £90 upfront and a very comforting £23 a month from Mobiles.co.uk on the O2 network. Considering the average S9 deal seems is in the monthly price range of £28-32 this is an absolutely great price to be at and you don’t even have to scrimp on data or texts to get this price. 

Sound like the deal for you? Well you can see all of the details of this offer below or if you wanted something a bit different with your S9 then check out our best Samsung Galaxy S9 deals page but we promise you’ll be struggling to beat this. 

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This cheap Samsung S9 deal in full

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Samsung Galaxy S9 at Mobiles.co.uk| O2 | £90 upfront | 3GB data | 1000 minutes | unlimited texts | £23pm
Here it is, the cheapest Galaxy S9 deal available right now. You would think a monthly price of £23 would be followed by a massive upfront cost but you only have to pay £90 at the start making this a great overall price. Not to mention you’re still getting a strong 3GB of data which is great for the amount your paying. Total cost over 24 months is £642View Deal


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