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Android Q will feature a system-wide dark mode, so Google’s developers are busily preparing dark versions of all its native apps – including Chrome.

Dark (or Night Mode, as Google is calling it) is now available as an option in Chrome Canary – an early release version of the browser that lets users try new features while they’re still in development.

To give it a try, install the latest version of Chrome Canary and paste chrome://flags/#enable-android-night-mode into the address bar (clicking that link won’t work). Change the drop-down menu from ‘Default’ to ‘Enabled’, then tap ‘Relaunch now’.

If you don’t see the change after restarting the browser, tap the settings menu, look for the dark mode option and toggle it on.

Work in progress

Dark mode for Chrome is still in development, and not all elements are properly optimized yet. For example, there’s some black text on dark backgrounds, which is very tricky to read.

This is still an early version though, and we’re not expecting to see Android Q appearing on handsets until August 2019, so Google has plenty of time to get it looking just right.

Via Android Police


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