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Now seems to be the perfect time to buy a Google Pixel 3. Prices have dropped across the board and you can get the device for some incredibly cheap prices but one retailer seems to be outdoing everybody else. has a number of great deals on this device and just in time for you to get a new phone for the new year.

The first Pixel 3 deal from Mobiles gets you the device with 4GB of data for just £23 a month and £65 upfront (with our 10OFF code). That is an incredibly low monthly cost for a handset that is still relatively new.

Mobiles also has the device with 15GB of data, no upfront costs and monthly payments of £34. While that is already a good deal it gets better. You get £144 in cashback by redemption which means you can knock the effective cost down to £28 a month which is incredibly cheap for a deal with that much data.

You can see both of these deals down below or if neither of them are quite what you were looking for then check out our best Google Pixel 3 deals guide for all of the many options out there.

These Google Pixel 3 deals in full

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Google Pixel 3 with 4GB data | Vodafone | £65 upfront (with 10OFF code) | Unlimited minutes and texts | £23pm
£23 a month is an incredibly low price for what is still a quite new phone and the upfront fees aren’t even too expensive either. This is an all around good deal and you even get 4GB of data with it – that should be plenty for the average data user. Total cost over 24 months is £617 (after cashback)View Deal

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Google Pixel 3 with 15GB data | O2 | FREE upfront | Unlimited minutes and texts | £34 £28pm (after cashback) | £144 cashback by redemption
This is already a great deal before the cashback but after you take that off it becomes a brilliant cost for this much data. If you’re willing to be persistent with getting your cashback by redemption then this could be the perfect deal for you. Total two year cost is £672 (after cashback)View Deal


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