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OnePlus 7 has just been teased by founder and CEO, Pete Lau in a post on Twitter. Lau had earlier revealed April 17 as the date when he would reveal details about the next OnePlus product. All the details about the upcoming OnePlus product are encapsulated in the form of a 5-second video clip which Lau shared alongside a caption.

It reads, “Excited to share the next product from OnePlus will unleash a new era of Fast and Smooth. Especially Smooth! Smooth is more challenging than Fast – a true test of hardware and software.  The new product is just beautiful – I can’t wait for you to see it!”

“Fast and Smoooth” 

The video shared by him focus on the term “Fast and Smoooth”, but these are very generic hints to go by in the first place. We already know OnePlus is going to stay true to its philosophy of providing a slick experience and OxygenOS has time and again proven that claim.

A phone we believe to be the OnePlus 7 is displayed in the background of the video which when looked from a distance resembles the number 7. This indicates that the product CEO Lau is talking about is indeed the OnePlus 7. 

If one looks closely at the picture, the edges of the phone seem to curve around the corners. This curve seems slightly more than what we have seen on the OnePlus 6T and it is quite likely that it’ll have a fresh design.

The three o’s in the word “Smoooth” could hint at a possible three camera setup on the OnePlus 7. The rumours surrounding the phone claim that the company will be introducing at least two variants of the OnePlus 7 and the high-end model could very well feature three cameras while the regular model may only have dual cameras.

Additionally, a recent report claimed that the OnePlus 7 Pro is going to feature an upgraded QHD+ resolution screen which has a 90Hz refresh rate. We might be reading in between the lines a bit more than usual, but if the OnePlus 7 Pro does happen to feature a display with 90Hz refresh rate, then it could corroborate with the teaser tagline “Fast and Smoooth”.


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