In this Hiboy Titan Pro review you will learn about its specifications, its top features, its pros and cons, how it compares with other models from Hiboy and what we like and don’t about this electric scooter.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Since their introduction, electric scooters have been popular among the masses for their unmatched benefits and convenience. While searching for the best e-scooters, you will find Hiboy Titan Pro among the highly recommended ones.

If you are thinking on getting your hands a Hiboy Titan PRO electric scooter it is better to know the product better and how it compares with other electric scooters. Feel free to rely on this unbiased Hiboy Titan Pro electric scooter review to make the best choice.

[Our Experience]
Many from Techodom’s editorial team are commuting with electric scooters. The rising diesel costs and car expenses drove many of us on getting our hands on an electric scooter. As you may realize, the electric scooters we got are not meant for children. Our e-scooters are meant for adults.

And since, we review technology products and we have experience with electric scooters, we decided to write a review on Hiboy Titan PRO.

Our knowledge around electric scooters grew substantially after we produced guides on the best electric scooters for heavy adults, the best electric scooters under $300 and a ultimate guide on what to look for before buying an electric scooter.

So, you can rest assure that this Hiboy Titan Pro Review is going to help you take an inform decision on whether buying it or not.

Hiboy Titan Pro Review

Hiboy Titan PRO Review
The Hiboy Titan PRO

NAME: Hiboy Titan PRO

BEST FOR: Heavy Adults and off-road commuting.

Range: 64 Km

Max Load: 130 Kg

Speed: 51 Km

Price: $1,509


  • Sturdy build
  • Can carry up to 130 Kg
  • Fast
  • Powerful motors
  • Long Range
  • Impressive features list
  • Good climbing ability


  • Expensive
  • Takes 7-9 hrs to fully charge


Hiboy Titan PRO is a beast. Powerful 2400 W motors, fast, very good milage, can carry heavy adults up to 130 Kg () and can be used on both asphalt and off-road terrains. The only real problem is that it is quite expensive, but, if money is not a problem for you then you should definitely get it. It is available through their official website or via Amazon.

Hiboy Titan PRO Specifications

The specifications of Hiboy Titan Pro are as follows:

Unfolded Size47.2 × 25.1 × 46.4 in (1199 × 638 × 1179 mm)
Folded Size47.2 × 25.1 × 20.4 in (1199 × 638 × 518 mm)
Tire Diameter10 in (254 mm)
Product Weight61.7 lb (28.0 kg)
Recommended Age16 ~ 60 years old
Adapter Input Voltage100 ~ 240 V
Motor1200 W x 2
Tire (Front & Rear)10-inch pneumatic tires
Max Speed32 mph (51.5 km/h)
Max Range40 miles (64 km)
Max Climbing Capability35°
Max Load286 lbs / 130 kg (264 lbs / 120 kg recommended)
Foldable StemYes
Battery PackNot detachable
Brake SystemDouble Disc braking
Speed3 settings (linear adjustment)
IlluminationLED headlight + sidelight + rearlight
SuspensionDual front and rear suspensions
IP RatingIP55
Operating Temperature14 to 104 °F (-10 to 40 °C)
Storage Temperature14 to 104 °F (-10 to 40 °C)
Battery TypeLi-ion
Charging Time7 ~ 9 hours
Voltage48 V DC
Capacity17.5 Ah
Operating Temperature14 to 104 °F (-10 to 40 °C)
Charging Temperature32 to 104 °F (0 to 40 °C)
Max Charging Voltage54.6 V DC
Storage Temperature14 to 104 °F (-10 to 40 °C)
Storage Time3 months (after a full charge)
Charger Input Voltage100 ~ 240 V
Charger Output Voltage54.6 V DC
Output Current2A
Source: Hiboy Official Website

Hiboy Titan PRO Features

Hiboy Titan Pro packs several iconic features that every commuter looks for. Below are the features that our team loved at first sight. Read on to learn its most noteworthy features and their benefits. 

  • Mileage and Speed – The scooter is capable of traveling 40 miles when fully charged, provided a low to normal speed is chosen. Also, it can attain up to 32 mph in just 9 to 10 seconds. Moreover, 4 seconds are enough to achieve a speed of up to 15 mph, thanks to the heavy-duty dual motor.
  • Anti-slip Tires – The 10-inch wide and anti-slipping tires used in this scooter allow you to enjoy city tours peacefully in wet conditions. They feature intelligently created tread patterns to maintain balance and friction on uneven and wet pavements. 
  • Dual Shock Absorber – An effective suspension system comes installed in this scooter. The shock absorbers at the rear part keep the rides as smooth as possible. 
  • Powerful Brakes – The scooter has a dual brake system comprising e-brakes and disc brakes to ensure instant stops and maximum stability. These highly responsive brakes are ideal for urban roads, heavy traffic, and rainy conditions. 
  • Headlights – Bright headlights are available on both the front and rear sides. These headlights can illuminate well enough to help you ride in dim light conditions. Hence, making the scooter safe for riding around at night. 
  • LCD Screen – An LCD screen on the Hiboy Titan Pro’s handlebar shows riding stats, including speed, mode, miles covered, and battery status. With these parameters in sight, it will be convenient for you to adjust the scooter’s performance as needed. Also, the screen can be read easily under the sun.
  • Hill Grade – The scooter can ride smoothly on hilly terrain inclined up to 35 degrees, thanks to the motor, build, and tires. Thus, you can explore hilly areas without losing balance. However, make sure the weight limit is not exceeded.
  • Volt Lock – The Hiboy Titan Pro has a volt lock system that you can operate using a key. Its key ignition method brings safety and ease of use. So, when parking the scooter, you do not have to worry about it being stolen. 
  • Foldable Design – This scooter entails a foldable design, meaning you can store it easily with minimal fuss. 
  • Anti-Slip Deck – The standing platform features an anti-slip material to help you stand firm when riding on gravel pathways and bumps. 
  • Adjustable Handlebar – The handlebar is not only ergonomic but height adjustable too. So, you can hold the handlebar snugly by adjusting its height accordingly. 
Hiboy Titan PRO in folded position

Pros And Cons 

Hiboy Titan Pro has won the hearts of many commuters. With its excellent deal of advantages, it will make transportation a breeze for you. However, this scooter also has some cons, which, although not deal-breaking, you should be aware of to make a well-informed purchase. 

Here are what we think are the pros and cons of the Hiboy Titan Pro scooter:


  • Dampens shocks and provides a comfortable riding experience on inclined, rough, and bumpy roads. This beast is suitable for both road and off-road conditions.
  • Displays speed, gear, battery level, and mileage on the go which is like driving your car and you have all the info in front of you.
  • Includes three different speed modes. This is very important because in Europe, there is a law that says that the max moving speed of an electric scooter should be only 25 Km per hour. These three speed modes can help you adjust its speed according to the area you are commuting and its local laws.
  • Able to achieve faster speeds in less time. This monster has a great acceleration.
  • Features easy-to-understand controls. The manual is translated in very good English and it is easy to understand. Also, the LCD screen menu feels like a smartwatch. Yes, it is that easy to operate.
  • It can be folded for compact storage and hassle-free transit. A must feature for all electric scooters. To be honest, I wouldn’t touch an Electric scooter if it didn’t fold.
  • It can cover longer distances on a single charge. More specifically, up to 64 Km range.
  • Hiboy Titan PRO can carry a heavy adult of up to 130Kg. In our opinion, this durability is stunning.


  • Hiboy Titan is an expensive electric scooter. Not everyone might have the economic affluency to acquire it.
  • It takes a lot of time (7-9 hours) to charge fully. This means that you’ll have to charge it when you sleep at night. Not a dealbreaker in our opinion.
  • The maximum height of the adjustable handlebar is short for tall users. That means, if you are like 1.90cm or 2.00cm height, you might not be that comfortable.
  • Titan PRO has a waterproof certificate of IPX4. This means that it is waterproof, but you can’t ride it in the rain long enough.
A3 min
Hiboy Titan PRO features Double shock absorption and disk breaks.

What Sets Hiboy Titan Pro Apart

Hiboy Titan Pro is a package of various beneficial features. The dual brake assembly is the most noteworthy among all features, making this scooter stand out. Plus, the combination of e-brakes and disc brakes increases brake efficiency. It lets the scooter stop as soon and securely as possible, even if the road is wet.

The addition of a screen display is also valuable, enabling the user to monitor the scooter’s performance in real time. It can display the battery status, riding speed, mode, and the number of miles traveled appear. Additionally, the unit is foldable, portable, and IP55 rated, which gives it an edge over many high-end e-scooters. 

Hiboy Titan Pro takes almost 9 hours to charge, which means it should be charged the whole night for achieving 40 miles of travel. There is room for improvement in the charging speed, which we look forward to seeing in the upcoming models of Hiboy e-scooters. 

However, it is a better version of its predecessor, the Hiboy Titan. This previous model delivers 800W power to provide a mileage of only 28 miles and a speed of 25 mph.

We’ve prepared this comparison table between Hiboy’s most popular electric scooter models including Titan PRO, Titan, S2 MAX and S2 PRO

ModelTitan Pro Electric ScooterTitan Electric ScooterHiboy S2 MaxHiboy S2 Pro
Dimensions (unfolded)47.2*25.1*46.4 inch47.3*24.4*47.6 inch44*19*48 inch34.7*19.5*22.2 inch
Unit Weight61.7 lbs50.7 lbs41.5 lbs17.64 lbs
Motor Power1200W*2(Dual Motor)800W500 W500W
Braking SystemDual Braking SystemDual Braking SystemDual Braking SystemDual Braking System
Maximum Range40 miles *28 miles * 40 miles *25 miles*
Maximum Speed32 mph* 25 mph* 15.5 mph*19 mph*
Maximum Load286 lbs / 130 kg286 lbs / 130 kg220 lbs / 100 kg220 lbs / 100 kg
Tires10 inch Anti-Skid Tire10 inch Anti-Skid Tire10-inch, Pneumatic10-inch solid tires

*Depends on riding style and terrain

Who Is This Product More Suitable For?

Hiboy Titan PRO, the masterpiece of the Hiboy company, is an excellent e-scooter that encompasses modern features and a robust build. Generally, it is a good pick for everyone.

However, it is designed to meet the requirements of a specific group of people. Some of the features are highly beneficial for them. Let’s find out who will be able to make the most of this e-scooter and why. 

  • Commuters – Since commuters have to travel long distances regularly, this vehicle will help them reach their destination quickly. It can cover 40 miles without any issue with a fully charged battery. Additionally, it will leave them impressed with its amazing speed limit of up to 32 mph. Hence, if you are a commuter, you should invest in this product to bring comfort to your life. 
  • Students – Students should also opt for this e-scooter as it makes transportation easier to a great extent. The scooter has a huge weight capacity, allowing you to load it with bags and other necessary stuff.
  • Heavy Adults – For people who are overweight, this electric scooter is the best choice for them.
  • Residents of Hilly Areas – This e-scooter is ideal for people whose houses are on an incline or whose commutation routes involve hilly terrains. The motor delivers superior power to take the rider up a hill while overcoming terrain obstacles with stability. Also, it has shock absorbers, so the bumps and potholes do not feel uncomfortable anymore.
  • Residents of rural, off-road areas – Hiboy Titan PRO is massive when it comes in off-road commuting. This monster will not stop at anything and can absorb any bump without sacrificing its speed and agility. Also, its sturdy build allows it to take a lot of hits.
  • City Tourers – This e-scooter is also a good investment for riding enthusiasts fond of city touring. The mileage, speed, and comfort will give them joy on every ride. 

❗Be aware, Hiboy Titan PRO is NOT suitable of small children. This electric scooter is way too powerful for a child to operate.

About Hiboy

Hiboy is a Chinese brand, expert in manufacturing electric vehicles and transportation equipment. Founded by Mark Liu in 2014, the brand is now owned by the famous Freeman Investment Holding Limited. 

Hiboy offers a variety of products, including kids’ scooters, electric scooters, electric bikes, and electric skateboards. To date, the company has introduced 5 products, each integrated with a bunch of unique and upgraded features. 

Environmental sustainability is Hiboy’s top priority. Therefore, they select high-quality and sustainable materials for making products. Their teams of qualified professionals and specialists devote their time and effort to create a masterpiece par excellence. 

Hiboy is well-known for producing environment-friendly products, which sets this company apart from the competition. While maintaining quality, they incorporate creative designs and advanced technology in their products.

Due to their commitment to innovative features and eco-friendly designs, they enjoy a good reputation among e-scooter-manufacturing brands, attracting customers in the US and Europe. 

People Also Ask

Yes. It has a certification of IPX4. This certifies that it is waterproof BUT it can’t ride in the rain for a long time.

You can find spare parts from Hibot’s official website.

30 PSI

No it doesn’t.. Only Titan S2 Max and S2 PRO have applications.

Final Take

The Hiboy Titan Pro e-scooter is worth its money. It is probably the most powerful electric scooter we encountered.

If the $1,500 sounds to much then you might consider going for Hiboy Titan for around $1000. Still a good choice, not as good as Hiboy Titan PRO thought.

If you enjoyed reading this Hiboy Titan PRO electric scooter review, feel free to share it. Also, feel free to ask any questions below. We will answer them to try to make this Hiboy Titan PRO review as comprehensive as ever.

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