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Only two weeks ago, some more reports rolled in that seemed to support the rumor that the iPhone 11 (or iPhone XI) would feature a triple-camera setup housed in a square bump, and now there are further leaks that do even more to support this theory.

This particularly jarring design was first shown off in renders that avid tech tipster @OnLeaks shared in January. His latest tweet backs up this early impression by overlaying another leaked image – this time, a schematic from SlashLeaks – with his original January leak.

The original image from SlashLeaks is from a welding pattern (see below) of what appears to be the iPhone 11, and while much of its detail is rather abstract, it does definitely support the idea that the new flagship’s camera bump will house three lenses, a flash and an additional sensor.

Welding pattern of what could be the iPhone 11 [Image credit: SlashLeaks]

Welding pattern of what could be the iPhone 11 [Image credit: SlashLeaks]

(Image: © SlashLeaks)

At this stage, everything we are seeing is still very much still in the ‘rumors’ basket, so take it all with a grain of salt, although we sincerely hope that the various leaks pointing to a square camera bump are just for comedic purposes, and not indicative of the final design.


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