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LG has just confirmed that it will be showing off a 5G smartphone at MWC (Mobile World Congress) alongside the company’s latest LG G8 smartphone. The news doesn’t come as a surprise as we expected the company to jump on the 5G bandwagon sooner or later. The company first committed to it publicly last year in August when it announced its partnership with Sprint to bring its upcoming 5G phone in the US.

This time around, LG has also shared three key feature of its unnamed 5G phone. One of the features is the in-trend vapor cooling chamber for thermal management. However, the chamber size gets a bump to make it 2.7 times larger than the LG V40 ThinQ’s heat pipe.

Additionally, we now know that LG’s 5G phone will boast a 4000mAh battery, which is 20% larger than its last flagship handset V40 ThinQ.

It all makes sense, as the next LG flagship is likely to have Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 855 chipset. The flagship chipset with 5G connectivity will evidently require more power, hence a bigger battery is a practical move.

South Korea, North America, and Europe will likely be the first regions to see the phone.

(Via- SlashGear)


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