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We’ve seen plenty of rumors of Microsoft making a foldable Surface product, but this is the first time we’re hearing that the company is reprogramming Windows 10 to support them.

A new build of Windows 10 (numbered 18313.1004) coded with references to foldable devices has appeared, according to Buildfeed. Within the build, users can find this specific string: ‘rs_shell_devices_foldables.190111-1800.’

It seems likely that this new Windows 10 build has been designed to support Microsoft’s long-rumored Andromeda devices, which we’ve heard will include dual-screens and foldable devices.

Even without Microsoft’s help, we’ve already seen a range of dual-screen Windows 10 devices including two generations of Lenovo’s Yoga Book, the Asus Project Precog and Intel’s prototype Tiger Rapids.

Although Microsoft seems to be nowhere near ready to produce a dual-screen Surface, the market is already ripe for foldable hardware, and it’s about time for Windows 10 to start supporting them.

Via The Verge


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