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Ahead of the official launch of its new flagship Micro Four Thirds camera on January 24, Olympus has released a third teaser video.

The first two videos focused on the camera’s potential action photography credentials, showing it being used to shoot a range of sport including football, waterpolo volleyball and motorsport. Both videos have given us brief glances at the camera, though these have often been tightly cropped shots or defocused.

The third video though changes tack, focusing on the new camera’s build quality and durability. It sees the camera (which we understand will be known as OM-D E-M1X) being used in a rugged-looking outdoor environment, in some pretty wet and humid conditions.

We also get to see the OM-D E-M1X a little more clearly, though we still haven’t seen a full reveal of the camera. As with the other two teaser videos, we get another silhouetted shot of the camera at the end of the clip, before Olympus reminds us of the date – January 24.

You can watch the video below…


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