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It seems that Onestream just can’t stop offering super cheap broadband. Just a few weeks after its sub-£10 Black Friday spectacular, it’s at it once again now offering a cheap fibre broadband deal that makes it one of the cheapest providers in the UK. 

So how cheap is it? Well, Onestream has priced its fibre optic internet at £19.95 a month. That makes it the very best price you can get on fibre from widely available broadband companies (second only to Hyperoptic which is only available to around 1% of the country).

You would expect that for this price there would be a few caveats to mention: usage caps or slow speeds, perhaps. But instead you’re getting unlimited usage and roughly the same average speeds as the rest of the providers offer with their entry-level fibre at 35Mb – it even comes with a free ‘super dooper router’ (no, we’re not big fans of that name, either).

You can see all of the details of the deal down below. There’s nobody cheaper, which you can easily verify yourself by taking a quick look at our best fibre broadband deals page.

Onestream’s super cheap broadband deal

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Onestream Jetstream Fibre Unlimited Broadband | 12 month contract | 35Mb average speed | Line rental inc. | FREE activation | £9.99 delivery | £19.95 per month
Onestream showing once again that it can compete for the title of cheapest broadband. For just £19.95 a month you can get your hands on this fibre broadband package – that makes it one of cheapest in the UK. The only other payment you’ll have to make is a £9.99 upfront fee – we’re telling you now you won’t find better than this, especially if you only want to commit to one year.
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How does this compare to other broadband deals?

Although this is the cheapest fibre broadband deal you’re going to get (if you’re not in Hyperoptic’s 1%) you might want a bit more with your fibre broadband. BT is currently offering its Superfast Fibre package with average speeds of 50Mb for £29.99 a month, and to really sweeten the deal, a £120 BT Reward Card. 

If you want even cheaper than this deal, Onestream also has the cheapest ADSL broadband in the UK. For £13,99 a month you can get the cheapest broadband out there and don’t worry, you’ll still get your ‘super dooper router’.


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