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It seems that Samsung has given in and decided to announce the Galaxy S10 release date ahead of the official launch.

In a state of ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’, the brand has unveiled a pre-order site in the US for ‘your next Galaxy Device’.

With the tag line of ‘we know you know what’s coming soon’, along with a big number 10 emblazoned on the top, this site allows you to reserve your unit ahead of the big launch. 

The site promises that those who sign up will ‘get it first with early access to pre-order’ and that the phone will be with users by March 8.

Image credit: Samsung

(Image: © Samsung)

This dovetails with a report from South Korea that this will be the date for launch, so it seems the global S10 release date will be at the same time as Samsung’s home turf.

It’s key to note here that there’s no mention of which model you’ll be pre-ordering… we’re certain we’re going to get a Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e at the February 20 launch, so presumably the brand will allow you to decide which you want when they’re fully unveiled.

Samsung’s pre-order site also allows you to trade in your current model to save up to $550 on the cost of the phone – this is a similar scheme to that offered by Apple, but Samsung’s also offering a $50 credit towards accessories.

To get the full amount you’ll need to part with a pretty new phone, like the iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy S9 or Google Pixel 3. However, if you’re using a Galaxy S8, you can still get $300 off the cost of a new Galaxy S10, which seems like an easy switch for the convenience.

It’s interesting that Samsung has gone early and essentially confirmed all the administrative elements around the phone – it’ll be interesting to see if the price is a little higher than before, as pre-reserving might convince more people to carry on with the purchase anyway.

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