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Samsung recently announced the Galaxy A8S, which is one of the first phones with a pinhole camera (that is, a camera hole cut into the screen). In the case of the Galaxy A8S it’s quite a big hole, but it looks like the pinhole in the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be smaller.

That’s based on an image of a screen protector supposedly for the S10, shared by leaker @UniverseIce alongside a photo of the Samsung Galaxy A8S and it certainly does appear that the hole is smaller on the Galaxy S10.

That’s not really surprising, given that the Samsung Galaxy S10 is a flagship while the Samsung Galaxy A8S is a mid-ranger, but it’s reassuring nonetheless, as a smaller pinhole means more of an all-screen design.

Based on the image, @UniverseIce also theorizes that the Samsung Galaxy S10 (which is rumored to have a 6.1-inch screen and a 19:9 aspect ratio) is around the same size as the Samsung Galaxy S8 (and therefore also the Samsung Galaxy S9), both of which have 5.8-inch screens. The lack of bezel will have helped achieve that size and should apparently make one-handed operation easy.

Yellow is a Lite color

This isn’t the only new Samsung Galaxy S10 news though, as elsewhere SamMobile claims to have discovered the colors that the range will be offered in.

The site says that the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite will come in yellow, white, black, green and blue. The standard Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus meanwhile will apparently come in all of those colors except yellow, making the yellow shade exclusive to the S10 Lite.

The site also mentions a ceramic version of the Galaxy S10 which will apparently just come in white and black.

This information should of course be taken with a pinch of salt, especially as the site itself says that nothing is set in stone and given that this color selection is slightly at odds with an earlier leak, which had grey in place of white (though admittedly those two colors are similar) and included red in the mix.

We should find out for sure what colors the Samsung Galaxy S10 range will be available in before too long though, as the phone is likely to be announced in early 2019, possibly at MWC 2019.


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