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The countdown is ticking away…there’s now less than a week to go before we can get our hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S10. As exciting as that is, if recent price leaks are true then this could be a handset way above Samsung’s normal price range (especially with the suggestions of a new budget S10e model).  

Luckily for those Samsung fans on a budget, this isn’t all bad news. New phone releases usually means big price cutbacks on older devices and Samsung really has delivered this year. Not only is the company offering up to £220 off the price of SIM-free Samsung devices but it is also throwing in a free wireless charger with each device.

These aren’t just any random, bottom-of-the-barrel Samsung phones either. These big price reductions are on Samsung’s current big four: the Galaxy Note 9, S9, S9 Plus and S8. So if the expected price of Galaxy S10 deals has given you a fright, check out these price cuts below:

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9£899 £799 | 11% reduction |free wireless charger

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus£869 £649 | 25% reduction | free wireless charger

Samsung Galaxy S9£739 £549 | 25% reduction | free wireless charger 

Samsung Galaxy S8£549 £449 | 18% reduction | free wireless charger

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You can go even cheaper on the Galaxy S9s and Note 9 from Fonehouse or get the S9 Plus for an extra £100 less from But neither of these retailers offer the free wireless charger that the Samsung phone deals do or allow you to trade in your old phone (Samsung offers up to £300 depending on the phone you’re part exchanging) to save even more money. 


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