terrorizing people peering windows drone

Terror Drone

Australian homeowners say someone is using a drone to leer in their windows, according to the Melbourne newspaper the Herald Sun — and it could be a sign of things to come as inexpensive drone technology becomes even more ubiquitous.

“The drone is looking into our windows — it is such an invasion of privacy and it’s a bit creepy,” resident Ashley Torcasio told the paper.

Invasion of Privacy

Torcasio said the drone buzzed her house twice, according to the story. She also spotted a car at the edge of her property which drove off when she shined a light at it, leading her to suspect that thieves could be using the drone to scope out her property for a robbery.

“For all we know it could be trying to case out if anyone’s home,” Torcasio told the Herald Sun, “looking to see if they could break in or what someone’s movements throughout the day are.”

Buzz Off

Maneuverable, consumer-oriented drones, which often retail for just a few hundred dollars, raise enormous questions about privacy and the use of low airspace. This past December, drone sightings shut down Gatwick airport in London for several days.

It’s also difficult to enforce laws direct at drones, because they can always just fly away before authorities have a chance to arrive.

“It just hovers — it’s an annoying noise and it seems to be checking yards out,” another homeowner told the Herald Sun of the mysterious drone flybys.


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