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  • IP65 Waterproof and dustproof
  • 1200 lumen flashlight illuminates area up to 1000 feet away.
  • Made with a slip-resistant material
  • Heat Resistant

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Buying a tactical flashlight? If so, you’re often getting one for outdoor use. You’ll either carry it as a “pocket item,” or you’ll use it for a natural hobby (like camping or hiking).

Well, in this article we present our TC1200 PRO Tactical Flashlight Review, updated with the latest information

TC1200 PRO Tactical Flashlight Review

Before we start with our TC1200 PRO Tactical Flashlight Review let’s see what you’ll actually buy.

Whatever tactical flashlight you choose, you need a high-quality military-grade, tactical flashlight. And it shouldn’t set you back much money.

An item that fits those requirements is the TC1200 PRO Tactical Flashlight.

The TC1200 Pro Tactical Flashlight is one of the most popular flashlights on the market today. Its powerful LED light is capable of illuminating an area up to 1200 feet away, making it ideal for use in both urban and rural areas.

The flashlight also features a zoom function that allows you to focus the light on a specific area, making it perfect for use in search and rescue operations.

In addition, the flashlight is equipped with a number of safety features, including a low-battery indicator and a lock-out mode that prevents accidental activation.

With its impressive performance and wide range of features, the TC1200 Pro Tactical Flashlight is a top choice for both professionals and amateur enthusiasts alike.

In this TC1200 Pro Flashlight Review, we’ll break it down below for you while providing a source for further research!

TC1200 PRO Tactical Basics

TC1200 PRO is a 1200 lumen flashlight. And that value represents the peak of flashlight power, so you’re getting an item with strong illumination.

And the reason for its power? This flashlight is powered by CREE LED technology, which is one of the most advanced in the market!

As the name implies, it operates with LED emitters. So you’re getting white light and excellent clarity in your field of vision!

Also, this flashlight doesn’t belong to a new brand. It’s designed by 1TAC, and its flashlights have been favored by the Armed Forces for a long time!

What About Durability?

There’s a misconception that strong lights burn out fast, where their batteries (and light bulbs) require frequent replacement.

With the TC1200 PRO tactical flashlight, this is never an issue.

The LED emitters have 100,000 hours of life (which is about 11 years)!  So you’ll almost never need a replacement throughout the flashlight’s lifetime!

Lighting aside, the flashlight’s outer casing is just as impressive.

The TC1200 PRO Tactical Flashlight is made using “aircraft grade” aluminum. So it can withstand accidents and rough handling too!

Is it Waterproof?

Yes, the TC1200 PRO flashlight is IP65 certified Waterproof, meaning it will withstand rain, sleet, and snow.

IP65 certified Waterproof means that the device or enclosure is completely protected against dust and can withstand low-pressure water jets from any direction without causing any damage.

But what does that really mean? Well, for starters..

  • You can take this flashlight with you into the shower without fear of it getting wet.
  • You could even drop it in the toilet (although I don’t recommend doing that on purpose).

Basically, this flashlight can handle anything you throw at it – except maybe being dropped in a pool.

So if you’re looking for a waterproof flashlight that can stand up to anything, the TC1200 PRO is a great choice.

Check this video below showcasing the flashlight’s waterproof capabilities.

Slip Resistant Flashlight

There are slip-resistant flashlights, and then there’s the TC1200 PRO Tactical Flashlight. This flashlight is so slip-resistant, you could drop it in a puddle of oil and it would still maintain a firm grip.

That’s because the TC1200 PRO Tactical Flashlight is made with a slip-resistant material that ensures a safe and secure grip, even in wet or oily conditions.

So whether you’re using it in the rain or working in a dark, slippery warehouse, you can rest assured that the TC1200 PRO Tactical Flashlight won’t let you down.

Heat Resistant

TC1200 PRO Tactical Flashlight is also heat resistant, so it can handle whatever you throw at it. Whether you’re working in a hot environment or dealing with an emergency situation, the TC1200 PRO Tactical Flashlight is up to the task.

Plus, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty, so you can be sure it’s built to last.

So why wait? Get yourself a heat resistant flashlight today!

TC1200 PRO Full Characteristics

  • Cree Led: American Made – 1200 Lumen output
  • Waterproof: Waterproof to IP65 Standard
  • Brightness: Regulated output to maintain constant brightness.
  • Heat Protection: Overheat protection to avoid high-temperature of the surface.
  • Slip-Resistant: Anti-roll, slip-resistant body design for griping
  • Durable: Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • Tactical tail switch with remote momentary-on and constant on function
  • Zoom In-Out: 1x-2000x Telescoping Focus

TC1200 PRO User Guide

Using this flashlight is easy.

For starters, it has TWO battery options. Those being…

  • 3 AAA batteries.
  • 1 Lithium Ion Rechargeable battery.

The first option is excellent for remote environment use.

It lets you use the battery in remote locations, where locating a power outlet can be difficult. And all you’ll need are a backup set of batteries!

However, the second option is perfect for civilian and urban use. If this is a flashlight you use in-city or as a home tool, then recharging it is more convenient.

Five Modes

TC1200 PRO tactical flashlight is designed for easy use, so it comes with standard lighting options.

You have the THREE ranges of low, medium, and high – depending on the range of vision and level of illumination you need!

Also, there are strobe and SOS modes – both which are perfect for emergency situations!

Any Issues With This Product?

Yes. First, this product comes with an offer (where you can buy ONE, then get a few extra for free).

However, this offer only applies when you buy flashlights directly from 1TAC. If you get it from other vendors, you’ll need to check if they honor that offer too.

Another complaint is advertising. It is considered ”heavy” by a lot of people. Regardless, the flashlight does honor the specs. At “high” modes, this flashlight will deliver 1200 lumens of light while active!

TC1200 PRO Flashlight Reviews

The TC1200 PRO tactical flashlight is one of the best on the market. And it’ll only cost you $40 per item. And If you don’t want to take the word from us, check what others are saying about this tactical flashlight.

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TC1200 PRO Tactical Flashlight Review
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TC1200 PRO Tactical Flashlight

Final Take

The TC1200 PRO Flashlight is one of the best military flashlights you can get your hands on. Cree LED lights are some of the best on the market.

Not only do they have a high lumen output, but they are also waterproof and heat-resistant.

They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, making them a versatile option for any homeowner or business owner.

With slip-resistant construction and an impressive lifespan, the TC1200 PRO flashlight is sure to meet your needs both functionally and aesthetically.

If you haven’t tried the TC1200 PRO Flashlight yet , we suggest you check out the reviews and prices on its official website today!

We hope you enjoyed our TC1200 PRO Tactical Flashlight Review. If you did, make sure to hit that share button and let others know about this great product. In the meantime, check our other product reviews below.

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