tesla debuts romance toilet humor modes

Holiday Surprise

Elon Musk — Tesla CEO and mischievous prankster extraordinaire — promised Tesla owners a software update including “romance mode, toilet humor, and more video games” in a tweet last month.

Now the eccentric billionaire has seemingly kept his word, with two new settings called “Romance Mode” and “Emissions Testing Mode.”

Emissions Testing

With Tesla’s latest December firmware update, all Tesla Model S, X, and 3 vehicles are now able to produce flatulent noises — presumably what Musk referred to as “toilet humor” in his tweet. A video — discovered by Teslarati and uploaded to a private Model S owners group on Facebook — made the rounds showing off the new feature.

To turn on the “Emissions Testing” — a likely reference to Volkswagen’s “dieselgate” — owners need only tap the “whoopee cushion” icon under Tesla’s brand new “Easter Egg” menu.

One option tells the car to “fart on turn signal.” The flatulence can be adjusted from “Falcon Heavy,” and “Ludicrous Fart,” all the way to “Boring Fart” — all references to Elon Musk ventures. Drivers don’t have to take their hands off the wheel to let one rip: all it takes is a press of the scroll wheel on the left side of the steering wheel.


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