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Boxing Day sales quick links

The Boxing Day sales have turned into a special event to finish off the year in style for all those last-minute bargains. But with so many stores shouting about new deals it can all turn into a bit of a blur, or maybe that’s the eggnog and excessive amounts of turkey lulling us into a slumber. 

The short version: you’ve got better things to be doing on the Christmas break than checking all the usual retailers and shifting through deals. So let us do it for you and roundup the finest ones right here! Update: actually, we’re seeing load of fantastic deals already, so we’ve included the highlights for you in-case you’ve got a bit of last-minute shopping left to do. Or if you’re all done, then maybe it’s time to treat yourself a little. After all for deal-proud stores, it’s never too early to kick off the January sales and Boxing Day sales.

When do the Boxing Day sales start?

Not a silly question at all. We actually saw lots of retailers push the button (probably with gravy on their fingers) quite early on Christmas Day. But it’s not unusual to see some stores unleash new deals a few days earlier too. With so many super fast delivery options available now, or in-store pickup, retailers are keen to keep the deals going right until the last possible moment before Christmas Day. And a good thing too given how many of us tend to buy late – we’ll start soon, honest. Maybe next week. 

If just before Christmas is the time to scramble for last-minute gifts, anytime from the day itself onwards is the chance to treat yourself or use those gift vouchers to make a great deal a truly spectacular bargain. Let’s do this!

When do the January sales start?

Expect an early start here too. Although if we’re going off the last few years, the January sales haven’t been particularly special. It’s been all about the Boxing Day deals really, although we’re pleased to report some of the better ones stayed online a good few days into January. January sales are more of a continuation of the Boxing Day sales so you can probably expect to see many stores simply rebrand the sales to ‘January’ ones from the day after Boxing Day on December 27th. 

Given many workplaces are off until around January 2nd, retailers are keen to show you the best deals as soon as possible while you’ve got time off at home rather than try to push deals on you while you’re heading back to work or nursing that New Year’s Eve hangover.

What deals can I get right now before the Boxing Day sales?

Some of you really have turned up early for the Boxing Day deals and January Sales. Well, here are some highlights of the hottest discounts on the latest tech deals you can get in the UK right now.


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Hisense H43A6250UK 43-inch HDR 4K TV | Now £329 at Argos
This is a new model from Hisense and the reviews have been strong too. You’re getting a 4K screen with HDR features, which is great news for gamers with a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X. Movie/TV fans can enjoy the same high quality visuals via the built-in Netflix and Amazon Prime apps.
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Hisense H50A6250UK 50-inch 4K HDR TV | Now £369 at Argos
This is a fantastic day for cheap TV sales in the 50-inch category and this 4K HDR model is making a strong argument for the best of the lot. What makes this one stand out from the similar Argos TV deals you ask? How about a very reassuring three-year warranty? If this deal sell out, there’s a nigh-on identical, slightly older, Hisense TV for the £349 (but without the extended warranty).
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Samsung UE55NU7100 55-inch HDR 4K TV | Now £499 at Amazon
Amazon has just knocked £300 off this excellent 4K Samsung Smart TV. That’s a stunning price, especially given this is the 2018 model, so you’re getting the most recent version of Samung’s excellent Smart Hub, which will run your streaming apps like a dream. Dynamic Crystal Colour and HDR 10+ will be a fine match for modern gamers too.
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Hisense H55U7AUK 55-inch 4K HDR TV | Now £576 at Amazon
This is a fantastic 4K HDR model from Hisense. It has a centre stand instead of feet on the sides too, which is much better for smaller TV cabinets or tables when buying a smart TV this large.
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Sony Bravia KD55AF8BU 55-inch OLED 4K HDR TV | Now £1799 at Currys
When we reviewed this Sony Bravia we were impressed by its outstanding picture processing, stunning black levels and clever audio system that provides rounded, detailed sound. With £600 off, it’s a brilliant buy.
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Techwood 65AO6USB 65-inch 4K TV | £529 at AO
If you really want a massive, but cheap TV, then Techwood could be the brand for you today. This smart 4K TV lacks HDR, but given the super low price, we can let that slide. £529 for a 65-inch TV? What a world!
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LG 60UK6200PLA 60-inch 4K HDR TV | Now £599 at John Lewis
There are a lot of cheap TV with screens in the 60-inch plus category today. This one’s really caught our eye though, not just for being a lovely large LG, but for the suitably huge free five year warranty attached to it from John Lewis.
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Hisense H65AE6100UK 65-inch 4K HDR TV | Now £579 at Amazon
Amazon has just knocked £120 off this fantastic 2018 4K HDR TV. We’d go for this over the Techwood deal above thanks to the inclusion of a HDR screen for not much more money at all.
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Samsung UE75NU8000 75-inch 4K HDR TV | Now £1769 at Amazon
We do love how big the discounts on massive tellies get around this time of year. Amazon has just knocked £830 off this epic 75-inch Samsung TV. Stock surely can’t last long at this price.
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Now TV Winter Warmer bundle £11.99
Save 45% on a month of access to the Sky Cinema, Entertainment and Kids packages with a reduced £11.99 fee. You’re free to cancel after before the month ends if you want. If you want to keep the services, they’ll auto-renew at £9.99, £7.99 and £3.99 per month respectively.
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1 month of Now TV Sky Sports £33.99 £12.99
Fancy sitting back and enjoying a lot of footy over the Christmas break? Or any of the huge array of other sports available from Sky? Then this Now TV Sky Sports pass is what you’re after there’s a massive reduction today. Once the month is up, it’ll auto renew at £3.99 a month, but you can cancel at any time.
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£40 off a laptop spend of £499 or more
Use voucher code 40OFFLAPTOP to knock £40 off any laptop at AO.com priced at £499 or more. This is a great chance to save some extra cash on a laptop deal. There’s no expiry date to share at the moment, but these codes don’t usually last long.
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Dell Latitude E7240 Ultrabook from £168 at eBay
This refurbished ultrabook is enormously powerful for such a low price and comes with a six-month warranty as standard. £168 is the price if you want the Windows 10 OS pre-installed – £150 if you’re flying solo. Impressive spec on this 12-inch HD touchscreen laptop include an i5 processor, 4GB of RAM (or choose 8GB for just £18 more) and a 128GB SSD. You won’t find better value for such a low price if you don’t mind it being a refurb.
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HP Chromebook 11 £170 at Amazon
If you’re after one of the cheapest Chromebooks around to try out saying goodbye to Windows, then this 11-inch model is worth a look. 4GB of RAM is enough for very basic work activities, although the 16GB of storage is a bit rubbish. There is free access to 100GB of online storage though to make storing your files online super easy.
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Asus Chromebook C223NA £189 at Amazon
Chromebooks like this are super cheap and a viable alternative to your standard Windows laptop, even more so if you’re used to using Google’s suite of office apps. This one comes with a useful 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, which is surprisingly roomy without the bloated Windows OS.
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Acer Aspire 3 14-inch laptop – £359 at AO.com
This popular and portable Acer model has an especially large 256GB SSD considering the super low price you’re getting. 4GB of RAM is plenty to handle standard multi-tasking activities like checking email, listening to music, running plenty of browser tabs, editing documents and so on. The Full HD screen is great for relaxing with movie content too.
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HP 14-cm0999na 14-inch laptop £699 £449 at AO
This is a great all-rounder of a laptop that has an AMD Ryzen 5 processor and 8GB of RAM, which makes it ideal for most day-to-day tasks, while the 256GB SSD keeps Windows 10 feeling quick and responsive. It has a thin and light design, weighing just 1.47kg, and a 14-inch 1080p screen, all for £250 off.View Deal


Nintendo Switch Boxing Day deals

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Nintendo Switch | Mario Kart 8: Deluxe | £289.99 at Currys
With so many of the best cheap Nintendo Switch bundles selling out so fast at this time of year, we’re surprised to see this one going for such a low price. This deal comes with a copy of Mario Kart 8: Deluxe which is one of the finest multiplayer games on the Switch. A surefire hit for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and just about any day really!
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PS4 Boxing Day sales

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PS4 Pro | Red Dead Redemption 2 | £349.99 at Very
This isn’t a special edition console, but given many stores seem to be charging £350 for the console alone and Red Dead Redemption 2 will still cost close to £50 a long time after launch, this is a great money saver. This game looks incredible on the Pro too. Stock is running low, but try Argos if this deal has sold out.
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PlayStation VR | PS4 camera | 5 games | £209.99 at Amazon
This is a brand new official PlayStation VR bundle called the Mega Pack. Originally £299, the discount on the contents was minimal, but this is a much better price. You get the headset, camera and codes for Skyrim VR, Astro Bot, Wipeout Omega Collection, Doom VFR and VR Worlds. Don’t forget, the headset alone was £350 at launch.
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Xbox One Boxing Day sales

Smart home

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Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen): £49.99 £29.99 at Argos
That’s a great saving on Amazon’s newest Echo Dot speaker. If you’re yet to try out the Echo smart speaker series, this is the one to get. Compared to the second gen version, this one has a much more powerful speaker, which is great for music playback.
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Amazon Echo (2nd gen): £89.99 £54.99 at Amazon
Stock is running a bit low to get one of these in time for Christmas, but if you don’t mind waiting a little there’s an excellent deal to be had if you order now. If you’re going to listen to a lot of music with a smart speaker, this is a better pick over the smaller Echo Dot. Available in multiple colours.
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a36CreZGsCBywH86RsUCy8 320 80

3 x TP-Link HS100 smart plugs: £89.97 £39.99 at Argos
That’s a massive saving of nearly £50 on three of these highly-rated smart plugs. Using the app on your phone or a smart speaker enabled with Alexa or Google Assistant you can turn add smart features to a range of plugged-in products – the most popular option being lights.
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Google Home Mini £49.99 £29 at AO.com
This is more like it! Prices have been close to RRP over the last week, with £43 being the cheapest. We’ll happily take this new £29 price for the best value smart speaker on the planet right now though.
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Mobile phones

42ZJiV5h39fbcMwD7uT2W5 320 80

iPhone XR at Mobiles.co.uk | O2 | FREE upfront (after cashback) | 30GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £38pm
This is easily our favourite XR deal at the moment. It’s a brilliant balance between upfront and monthly costs, with the latter coming in under the £40-mark. There’s no need to scrimp on data – 30GB each month will be plenty for most people. And £75 automatic cashback completely nullifies the upfront spend.
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2UESCv8xN4BWAJwSKAptjZ 320 80

Samsung Galaxy S9 from Mobiles.co.uk | O2 | £40 upfront (with 10OFF code) | 3GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £23pm
Bills under £25 a month and an upfront cost of just £40? That really is a bargain in our eyes. Yes, you only get 3GB of data but for this price that really shouldn’t matter. And you’re on O2 which means a whole host of priority rewards at your fingertips – order by December 24 and you can even claim an extra £100 cashback from Samsung, too.
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nz9K6tvkevoUUxmtgYxwJZ 320 80

SIM only deal at Three | 100GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £20pm
It’s very simple…you just won’t find a better SIM only deal than this in the post-Christmas sales frenzy. No network or third-part retailer gets close to matching this massive data Three SIM only deal – it’s the cheapest ‘unlimited everything’ deal of all time!
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8eb9xxZuJa8QxNFqickJmA 320 80

EXCLUSIVE 4GB SIM only on iD/Carphone Warehouse | £9 a month | Unlimited calls and texts
We know that most of you look to SIMO as a way of reducing your bills on an existing mobile at the end of your contract. Well here you’ll be paying less than a tenner a month for a decent 4GB of data  and unlimited everything else.
View Deal

cPPacsc2ztCFj2uzUEgMwH 320 80

Huawei Mate 20 Pro from Affordable Mobiles | EE | FREE upfront | 45GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £43pm
This is the best value deal on the Mate 20 Pro right now – and on the UK’s fastest 4G network, too. Not only do you not have to pay anything upfront and very little monthly, but you also get an absolutely massive 45GB of data.
View Deal

z5U2VfbDAAhrv46nSkMmDK 320 80

OnePlus 6T at e2save | EE | £115 upfront | Unlimited calls and texts | 9GB data | £28pm
We love this OnePlus 6T deal, we really do. It’s the best on the UK market at the moment, in our view. 9GB is a healthy place to be in terms of data, £28 per month for a phone so new is ace.
View Deal

yKnorhcUoA9rdPM4sJbQG9 320 80

EXCLUSIVE iPhone 6S at iD Mobile/Carphone Warehouse | £19.99 upfront | 500 mins | Unlimited texts | 2GB data | £21.99 £17.99 per month
This Black Friday bargain just won’t go away! For just £17.99 per month, you get more than the usual negligible data allowance. And guess what…this is for TechRadar readers only. Lucky you!
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5jWUntNbnHTSCiwRTCfhxF 320 80

Fitbit Versa £199.99 now £159.99 at Amazon
The Fitbit Versa combines fitness tracking with smartwatch features like music playback (via bluetooth headphones), fitness apps, notifications and so on to make one of the best products the company has ever produced. This is 20% off the RRP of the Versa, so you’ll want to snap this up as soon as possible.
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nyDHXgDLYAyWgR7ezY5h8a 320 80

TicWatch Pro £249.99 now £219.99 at Amazon
Using an innovative dual-screen technology, the TicWatch Pro battery lasts for up to a month and continue to track a lot of features many other watches can’t. The affordable price and top-end technology make it one of our favourite smartwatches right now.View Deal

More Boxing Day sale highlights

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Sony Alpha A7: £1549 £509 at Amazon
If you’re looking for a very cheap way to get a full-frame camera, then this is it. Sony’s Alpha A7 has a massive discount down from its RRP to begin with to become by far the most affordable full-frame camera you can buy right now. Then there’s £150 cashback you can claim back as well making it only £509. This deal includes a versatile 28-70mm zoom lens too.
View Deal

So who’s having a Boxing Day sale?

All the big stores get stuck in. With so many keen shoppers going online over the Christmas period in recent years, it’s just too good a chance for them to finish 2018 off with some extra money in the bank. Let’s take a look at the big hitters below and what you can nab from each.

EaJx7PLL3rAQSY9BEgEGi3 320 80

The Amazon Boxing Day sale is a great place to start. Amazon has been on a discounting rampage since mid-November and it certainly won’t be slowing down any time soon. We usually get an early look at the deals a few days before so we can prep highlights of the best ones in advance and then tell you about them as soon as they go live. And seeing as Amazon has a lot of deals going on at once even on a quiet day, getting straight to the good ones will save you a lot of time browsing through tat.

View today’s deals: Amazon

eUNLRa7wgsLLkXAhrkAkZj 320 80

Currys impressed us in the Boxing Days sales last year (and more recently on Black Friday) with big discounts on TVs, laptops, gaming consoles, Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners, kitchen electricals and more so expect something similar around Boxing Day. Keep an eye out for the TV ads showing off the best ones too. 

View today’s deals: Currys

hPwCocjAfp2A8U4VnMMXAA 320 80

Very.co.uk has been a regular on our deals pages throughout the year and we expect it to have tempting offers on TVs, laptops and consoles once again along with other gadgets. Very is also a top fashion, home and beauty item retailer too so expect a wide gamut of deals.

View today’s deals: Very

amdXFt6Du84ymhcx7QkVqY 320 80

AO is one of our go-to retailers when we’re scouring the net for cheap TV deals or laptop deals all year round. AO really specialises in home electrics though and it’s a fantastic time of year to upgrade with a new fridge, freezer, washing machine, kettle, microwave and the like.

View today’s deals: AO

gU4csgt4E36hx72KA3uEa9 320 80

John Lewis doesn’t really like sales, but it does like to nab customers from other retailers by offering a price match service. Why bother with the faff? Because John Lewis offers a two year guarantee on a huge selection of items at no extra charge, which is great for peace of mind when buying electrical items. Despite its disdain for sales, we saw JL unleash some sweet TV, laptop and electrical item deals on Black Friday and it’ll get involved again during this sales period. 

View today’s deals: John Lewis

zAL3yEzshpJ8rpm6GWLH4g 320 80

Argos is one of those retailers who always seem to be having a sale. So it’ll be sure to a song and dance for the Boxing day sales. Annoyingly, much of its stock is region-based, but you can check availability by entering your postcode before going through the checkout process. Discounted prices on laptops, TVs, toys and console bundles are still well worth a look.

View today’s deals: Argos

Aq8kuTfbNd5QyaZRbYe55V 320 80

CDKeys.com is one of the cheapest places on the net for PC games all year round and offer fantastic prices followed by instant delivery of the code, with major platforms like Steam, uPlay, Origins and Battlenet supported. It’s not all about the PC crowd though as CDKeys have some of the best deals going on PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold memberships too. 

View today’s deals: CDKeys

Q95DctGvj2vcAeLmNwhfn 320 80

The Zavvi Boxing Day sales are usually worth a look, especially for film and TV fans. Zavvi has a huge range of exclusive steelbook editions of movies old and new too. Pop culture merchandise is a big seller there too.

View today’s deals: Zavvi

z6X9NnKhqmsv3D6ytMwx7G 320 80

Mobiles.co.uk is taking advantage of the growing trend to buy and upgrade phone contracts online rather than on the highstreet. This site offered the very best mobile phone deals back on Black Friday so you can expect more of the same from this trusted mobile phone seller – and we’ve seen a couple of great iPhone / Samsung Galaxy deals this year if you’re thinking of an upgrade.

View today’s deals: Mobiles.co.uk

6py8hobXVqrYcvs3gpc2pW 320 80

Carphone Warehouse is an established highstreet retailer and is also one of the best online phone retailers now. We’ll picked out the best mobile phone deals,  whether they’re standalone smartphones, contract phones, voucher codes or whatever else looks like a great mobile deal to us.

View today’s deals: Carphone Warehouse

PmgE9rmsCTDGfJnGEzvWMV 320 80

Ok, admittedly not the most ‘techie’ retailer on this list, but we try to be helpful if we know there are deals to be had out there. And we all wear clothes right? Well you should, especially at this time of year. Next is one of the UK’s most popular clothing retailers and are known for massive sales at this time of year. But why queue outside when you can check out the Next Boxing Day sale and clearance deals at home? This could be a great chance to spruce up your wardrobe ahead of New Year’s Eve.

View today’s deals: Next

More a fan of browsing through the sales for your own special deals? Well, let us give you a head start. The links below will take you through to a wide range of retailers we’re used to seeing get stuck into the Boxing Day and January sales spirit.

The best Boxing Day sales January sales from last year

Want a little taste of what to expect in the upcoming Boxing Day sales? Directly below you’ll find a selection of some of the best deals we saw last year. Naturally, these prices expired a long time ago, but they they could be even cheaper now too! We’d certainly keep our fingers crossed for lower prices each year too. 

toZduPbhcLLaYXxLaLvkj8 320 80

New iPad 9.7-inch model £314 (after voucher) @ Currys
Use voucher code IPAD25 at checkout to get this super price on the latest version of the 9.7-inch Apple iPad. This is the successor to the iPad Air 2. It’s a fraction thicker but contains an improved A9 chip with an M9 coprocessor for enhanced performance.

HwtRUideFtwK6sAZ6LmKcH 320 80

Hisense H55N5500 55-inch Smart HDR 4K TV | Now £499 | Amazon
It’s always great to see great 55-inch 4K TVs going under £500, but it’s especially rare to find one with a High Dynamic Range (HDR) display too for such a low price. Well worth a look at just £499 down from £619.

Ao2R2HFboGDCWV4yxHN5VB 320 80

LG 49UJ630 49-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV | Now £399 | Amazon
Looking to get in on the 4K revolution on a budget? This LG set may not boast HDR (it’s TV’s favourite buzzword right now), but has one of the most intuitive and broad smart-TV operating systems built in.

AeuLzsgfU3SjnPvxWhVvG8 320 80

HP 14-inch Intel Pentium £319.99 @ Argos
This is one of the best-selling laptop deals on Argos’ site right now. Not only is the price cut down for this decent machine with an Intel Pentium processor, 4GB RAM and a 128GB SSD, but you also get a subscription to McAfee Internet Security and a carry case to make sure you start 2018 off the right way.

A3sy5stkYtgf2MtAVD2zGf 320 80

Sky Entertainment | £20 setup fee | £20 a month
Sky has ditched the old format of multiple tiers of Sky TV packages. The new Sky Entertainment pack is only £20 a month. After clicking the link below, you’ll also be able to add on extra channel add-on packs from just £5 a month (which works out cheaper than the old format and ensures you don’t pay for extras you don’t want). This pack includes a wide variety of dramas, comedies, documentaries, music and Sky Originals. Top channels include Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Nat Geo wild and more.

X3jS7TqvwKjAjJh3keHQRh 320 80

iPhone X 64GB | £99 upfront | Unlimited calls and texts | 4GB data | £50pm
Fonehouse has taken the iPhone X market by storm with this lowest ever price – and it’s EXCLUSIVE to us. You get 4GB of data per month and unlimited calls and texts with Vodafone. £50 tariffs are few and far between, especially when you’re paying less than £100 at the outset. No iPhone X deal can better this one for value right now. Total cost over 24 months is £1299 @ fonehouse.

nhCrRvohn4LB8VqUTKxYTm 320 80

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 | £175 upfront | 15GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £37.99pm
With monthly bills now coming under the £40-mark, this 15GB tariff from e2save is really tasty. Go back a couple of months and this kind of tariff would have cost you a fortune. It now seems much more reasonable, considering the sheer size, power and quality of the brilliant Note 8. 15GB of data will be plenty for most people. Total cost over 24 months is £1086.76 @ e2save.

Gf4ExCzVYppEPu3jpRo8sX 320 80

Apple MacBook Air 2017 £773 (with voucher code) @ Argos
Use voucher code: MAC10. The newest Apple Macbook Air laptops can be frightfully expensive, but Argos has a belter of voucher code deal today on this 13-inch model with an i5 processor and 128GB SSD. Instead of £859, the voucher knocks it down to £773.10.

EScijQdRJF2Y5f43MBq4Gj 320 80

GoPro Hero 6 Black £399.99 @ Amazon
That’s a massive £100 discount today on the newest GoPro action camera on the market.  4K recording has never been better in the GoPro range, as the new GoPro Hero 6 Black now records at a super smooth 60 fps (frame per second) and the image stabilisation has been improved too.


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