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The question of ‘what is the best phone?’ is a very fierce discussion, just read the comments on any phone related news story! But we’ve been sticking with the same answer since the device saw its release – the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

The S9 Plus really is a powerhouse in every kind of way. It’s big, muscular, stunning to look at and has an incredible camera especially in low light. With all the popularity being around big phones and phablets, this really is the best one out there.

Not only is this the best device but right now you can also get it for a seriously affordable price with this Fonehouse deal. 30GB of data for just £86.99 upfront and £36 per month. That is enough data to binge around 10 hours of HD Netflix in one go (not that we would recommend that) or send around 45 million Whatsapp messages (we definitely wouldn’t recommend that).

All sound good to you? Well scroll down to see all of the details in full or if for whatever reason this deal hasn’t won you over, check out our guide on all of the best S9 Plus deals available right now.

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This Samsung S9 Plus deal in full

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus at Fonehouse| EE | £86.99 upfront | Unlimited minutes and texts | 30GB data | £36 per month
Here it is, the best deal on the best phone out right now. For just under £90 upfront and £36 a month you can get your hands on the Galaxy S9 Plus with a massive 30GB of data. This is an all around amazing deal on device with an RRP of £869. Total cost over 24 months is £950.99
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