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The Fitbit Inspire and Fitbit Inspire HR are a pair of fitness trackers that offer a range of features for anyone looking to monitor their fitness and general activity.

The beautiful and understated design means they look great on your wrist too, but what if you want to add some flair, to make the Fitbit Inspire more personal? Well, there are loads of options from both third-parties and Fitbit itself.

So let’s take a look at the best Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR bands to give your activity tracker a new look.

These are products that we haven’t had in our test labs, but based on our experts’ opinion and knowledge of the most reputable brands around, we think these are worth looking at.

Our selections, ranked from cheapest to most expensive, take into account online reviews, brand reputation, product capability and unique features, to help you pick through the maze of choices available to you.

Image Credit: Reety

1. Reety Fitbit Inspire Breathable Silicone Sport Strap

A more affordable replacement strap

Colors: Black, Blue, Grey, Lavender, Red, White


Great range of colors

Two sizes

Basic clasp

If you damage your original Fitbit Inspire band then you’ll want to find a replacement and the Reety offers a more affordable option than Fitbit’s own selection, and visually it’s very similar. Plus the Reety has more color options available, giving you a chance to pick something that suits you.

Given the lower cost, you could pick up a couple of different color options and switch the bands whenever you like. Perhaps an understated black for work with some bright colors for those workout sessions.

Image Credit: Cavn

(Image: © Cavn)

2. Cavn Silicone Sport Breathable Band

Great design with a great selection of colors

Colors: Black/Red, Black/White, Teal/Blue, Blue/Grey, White/Pink, Black/Grey, Black/Green, Blue/Pink, Blue/Teal, Gray/White, Plum/Pink, White/Peach


Ideal for everyday use

Ventilated for comfort

Clasp may not suit everyone

Cavn is clearly trying to remind people of another premium watch band with this ventilated design, but we think this strap is ideal for everyday use. It’s going to look great on your wrist at work and it’s got the chops to manage an intense workout too.

It’s available in two sizes and more colors than you can shake a stick at. Black/Red looks brilliant and we’re fans of the green too – but there is almost certainly a color option you’ll love, no matter what your taste!

Image Credit: Sansee

3. Sansee Classic Watch Band

Absolutely bonkers design that some will love

Colors: Black, Rose Gold, Silver

Unique design

Screen protector included

Not ideal for workouts

Won’t be to every taste

There’s no point pretending that everyone will love this strap design. For one thing it’s not designed for people who are about to run a marathon, rather, this is the sort of strap you pop on when you’re heading out for the night and want to keep track of the number of dance steps you take.

Sansee also includes a screen protector with its strap, which fits with its theme of being one for nights out, not hardcore training. The company also describes the screen protector as “explosion-proof”, so now we’re thinking this one might be for spies or something?

Image Credit: Chofit

4. Chofit Premium Leather Strap

Stylish and affordable with loads of color options

Colors: Black, Brown, Grey, Orange, Pink, White, Smog Blue


Colors to suit everyone

Good size range to suit all wrists

Not ideal for hard workouts

We love the color options and style of this Chofit strap. The leather design means that it entirely changes how the Fitbit Inspire looks on your wrist. It takes the wearable from a pure workout device into something that looks great at work, or on a night out.

With a selection of colors and a really affordable price there’s something here for every Fitbit Inspire owner. We think this is ideal for day-to-day wear, especially if you’re tracking your steps and keeping tabs on your heart rate while you work. It’s perhaps less well suited to intense workouts where a wipe-clean silicone band is preferable.

Image Credit: Humenn

5. Humenn Stainless Steel Milanese Wristband

A low-cost way to get a stylish metal band

Colors: Black, Champagne, Lavender, Silver, Colorful, Rose Gold, Royal Gold, Space Grey



Great color choices

Magnetic clasp might be a worry during workouts

You could spend a lot of money on a Milanese watch strap but there are affordable options out there too, like this one from Humenn. The fine mesh that forms the band means that your skin can breathe and even decent amounts of exercise won’t generate a wrist swamp.

It’s adjustable too, so you can be sure that any wrist – within reason – will be catered for and there are two sizes to cover all the bases. The magnetic clasp should hold the watch on safely, but very rigorous exercise might cause problems – but for most people this is a great, affordable way to get a cool-looking band.

Image Credit: Fitbit

6. Fitbit Horween Leather Double Wrap

Beautiful leather double wrap design

Colors: Blush Pink, Black

Turns the Fitbit into a cool accessory

Two great color options

Pretty pricey

Not one for serious workouts

Fitbit admits that this strap isn’t ideal for high-intensity workouts and this band isn’t water resistant either. That’s fine though, it’s clearly more of a strap for evening wear or to fit in with your 9-5 job.

While it’s pretty expensive it is made from premium leather and similar straps for competing smartwatches can cost many times more. It looks fab, has an aluminum buckle, and Fitbit chucks in a two year limited warranty with it too – nifty!

Image Credit: Fitbit

7. Fitbit Stainless Steel Mesh Band

A classic design that’s a great fashion statement

Colors: Rose Gold, Silver

Looks really cool

Comfortable and secure

Not water resistant

Not designed for heavy workouts

An absolutely stunning metal band for the Inspire that takes it from a fitness and activity tracker into the realms of something far more fashionable and desirable. Of course the big problem here is that this band is very nearly as much as the Inspire itself.

There are much cheaper versions of this band available – see our suggestions above – but there’s a quality to Fitbit’s accessories that you won’t likely find in the third-party market. It’s backed up by a decent warranty too and a 45-day money back guarantee.

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