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If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve just bought yourself a Fitbit Ionic or you’ve owned one for a while and you’ve decided it’s time to freshen up its look.

Below we’ve put together a list of great straps, bands and accessories you can use with your Fitbit Ionic to give you wrist an entirely new look.

So dig in below and hopefully you can find yourself a new strap for your smartwatch, or at least some inspiration on some of the accessories you’d like to pair with your wearable.

These are products that we haven’t had in our test labs, but based on our experts’ opinion and knowledge of the most reputable brands around, we think these are worth looking at.

Our selections, ranked from cheapest to most expensive, take into account online reviews, brand reputation, product capability or unique features to help you pick through the maze of choices available to you.

Fitbit Ionic Screen Protector from Vicara

1. Fitbit Ionic screen protector from Vicara

Ensure you don’t scratch up that display


Touchscreen compatible

A bit fiddly to apply

Will need replacing

If you want to keep your shiny new Fitbit Ionic looking both shiny and new for a bit longer, these screen protectors will help prevent scuffs and scratches and they’re touchscreen compatible so won’t affect your watch’s functionality.

However, while they claim to be bubble-proof, you do need to spend a bit of time applying them to ensure you don’t get any annoying blisters. (And we don’t mean on your fingers).

Fitbit Ionic Stainless Steel Band from Loveblue

2. Fitbit Ionic Stainless Steel Band from Loveblue

Retro stainless steel styling

Colors: Black, Silver, Rose Gold


Retro styling

Not suitable for swimming

If you prefer a metal watch strap to the soft silicone the Ionic comes with then there are quite a few out there to choose from.

We like the matte black of this stainless steel version but there’s also silver, rose gold and some sparkly options if you like your fitness smartwatch with added bling. Sizing is sorted too, the strap comes with a tool that allows you to remove links to ensure a good fit.

Image Credit: TTVie

3. Fitbit Ionic Milanese Loop from TTVie

A style Fitbit doesn’t offer

Colors: Silver, Black, Pink, Champagne Gold, Colorful, Golden, Lavendar and Rose Gold


Unique style

Not for fitness

If you’re after a metal strap with a stylish design, you may like this strap from TTVie. It’s a Milanese Loop band, which is something Fitbit doesn’t offer specifically itself.

It’s affordable too with it being one of the cheapest straps on this list. You can buy it in either small or large, and it comes in a huge variety of colors so you’ve got a plethora of designs to choose from.

 Image Credit: Fitbit 

4. Fitbit Ionic Perforated Leather Band

The most premium option from Fitbit

Colors: Brown, dark blue

Official for the watch

Attractive design

Limited color options


This is made of Horween leather – a tannery based in the US that has been around for over 100 years – and feels comfortable to wear on your wrist. It can be a little stiff to start with, but once you’ve worn it for a little while it should sit comfortably around your wrist.

You can buy it in either brown or a very dark blue color, but neither of these options are particularly cheap and these are some of the most high-end straps for any Fitbit wearable.

 Image Credit: Fitbit 

5. Fitbit Ionic Sport Band

The band for working out in

Colors: Black and grey, blue and yellow

Great for when sweating

Good design

Won’t suit dressing up

Planning to work out with your Fitbit Ionic a lot? Of course you are. That may mean you want to buy the Sport band from Fitbit that will allow your skin to breath more than the Classic or Leather bands do.

You can buy it in the tepid looking black and grey or there’s the bold combination of bright yellow and blue that you can see in the image above. You probably won’t want to wear this to a formal dinner…

Image Credit: Fitbit

6. Fitbit Ionic Classic Band

Somewhere between dress and sport

Colors: Blue grey, Charcoal, Slate Blue

Good for everyday use

Strong design

Not as fitness ready as above

Don’t think you want a specifically dress-up or sporty strap? How about something in between? The Fitbit Ionic Classic Band from Fitbit directly may be your best option, which you can see in the image above.

It comes in three different colors and we found it to be one of the most secure and comfortable straps you can buy. Plus it’s the same price as the Sport Band too.

 Image Credit: Fitbit 

7. Fitbit Flyer headphones

Headphones that work with your Fitbit Ionic

Colors: Blue, grey

Designed specifically for Fitbit Ionic


We’re planning to try out the Fitbit Flyer headphones very soon, but if you want to have the officially-produced headphones specifically for the Ionic you can buy them already.

Fitbit claims the headphones are sweatproof, which should make them comfortable to wear during workouts. If you’re looking for a pair of Bluetooth headsets we can definitely recommend, be sure to check out our full guide of the best running headphones right now.

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