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If you’re looking for a budget iPhone, then you’re in luck. Apple has the iPhone SE back in stock, and it’s on clearance for $100 off. You can get the 4-inch smartphone with either 32 or 128GB of storage, and unlike before, Apple has the SE available in all colors which include gray, silver, gold and rose gold. The iPhones come unlocked, but you do get your choice of SIM card carrier from AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon.

While the older generation iPhone is missing new features and lacks as much power as the latest iPhone models, it still has the basic functions that you love about the Apple iPhone. The iPhone SE features a 12MP camera and touch ID and offers Siri, Bluetooth and Apple Pay. The SE phones are certified refurbished, which is why you’re getting the $100 discount. Apple’s certified refurbished products go through a strenuous process which includes a new battery, new parts if needed, and several tests that must meet the same standards as a new Apple product. 

You can get the iPhone SE 32 GB for $249, or if you want more storage, the 128GB version is on sale for $299. The last time Apple brought back the SE iPhone they quickly ran out of stock, so with this discount, we assume this deal will also be quickly snatched up.

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