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Amazon has launched a new Kindle featuring a front light, marking the first time the illumination tech has been included in the firm’s entry-level ereader.

It replaces the ereader with the same name (but no light), while witnessing a price rise to $89.99 (£69.99, AU$139) – the previous Kindle was $49.99 (£59.99, AU$109).

You’ll be able to adjust the level of brightness on-screen, allowing you to find the most comfortable level for your surroundings.

Other features on the new Kindle 2019 include Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to pair it with headphones or a speaker for audiobook playback, an updated design and a 6-inch, 167ppi e ink display.

The screen isn’t as sharp as the 300ppi display on the Kindle Paperwhite, but considering that’s almost double the price of the new Kindle it’s no surprise.

Image Credit: Amazon

Available from April 10

Amazon also promises that the new Kindle can still offer weeks of battery life from a single charge, which is good news for bookworms.

Unlike its pricier siblings however, the new Kindle isn’t waterproof, so be careful if you plan to take it by the pool when on holiday.

You can pre-order the new Kindle 2019 from today, with the ereader landing in hands from April 10 in either black or white.


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