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Long gone are times when video games were rare and new, and when gaming was just for nerds and was laughed upon. Gaming is nowadays as mainstream as it can be and the gaming industry is one of the largest entertainment industries in the world.

Some AAA titles (which is what you call the game produced and published by a major company) have immense budgets and can sometimes even put Hollywood and their movies to shame.

There are tournaments and championships in many genres, featuring solo players or teams battling each other for a grand prize which can sometimes be astronomically big. Recently, a 16-year-old won a $3 million playing a Fortnite World Cup.

Makes you wish you’ve actually played a bit more of video games, doesn’t it? Years ago, South Korea started giving scholarships to pro gamers, which was a major hit and that trend eventually spread to more countries around the globe.

ESport fans, rejoice. People of all ages, interests and from all parts of the world enjoy this type of entertainment, however, some still frown upon it. Some people call video games childish or useless.

Others go even further than that, pointing out bad things that can come out of it, talking how gaming is bad for your health, how it’s addictive, or how it can make people violent.

Granted, sitting hours on end in a chair, glaring at the computer screen, not moving, eating irregularly and eating junk food can be extremely unhealthy, but that can be said for any activity where a person doesn’t have any kind of self-control.

Also, yes, certain people are susceptible to addiction and that can end up reflecting on gaming, but the percentage is so minuscule that it is unfair to punish everyone else because of that.

And regarding the violence, new studies are coming out showing that violent video games are actually good kids and help them skirt violence and act as an outlet for aggression.

Have you ever seen someone’s personality turn violent after playing video games? Apart from when the internet connection dies or when you lose a game, we’ve all been there, but that can happen in a card game as much as it can in a video game.

So, setting aside all the bad stuff that can come from gaming, considering we are able to control ourselves and take all things into moderation, there are a lot of good things that can come out of it.

A study showed that surgeons who played video games performed somewhat better than those who didn’t. Due to their interactivity, they are great when used for education.

Complicated and puzzle-like games can help kids in life by improving their problem-solving skills. Certain games can also improve your spatial awareness and those titles that require speed, reaction, and quick thinking can help you multitask better, improve hand-eye coordination and overall perception.

Of course, some titles, like cartoon sex games, are there for pure fun, but there are undeniable upsides.

fratured image by Soumil Kumar from Pexels

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