us military giant laser cannon

Laser Cannon

The U.S. Navy says that it’s going to outfit a Destroyer ship with a laser system made by military contractor Lockheed Martin — and with the dramatic name HELIOS, which stands for High Energy Laser and Integrated Optical-dazzler with Surveillance.

“The HELIOS program is the first of its kind, and brings together laser weapon, long-range [intelligence and surveillance] and counter-[unmanned aerial system] capabilities, dramatically increasing the situational awareness and layered defense options available to the U.S. Navy,” said Lockheed spokesperson Michele Evans in a statement.

Power Trip

The HELIOS system is designed to obliterate drones and small boats, according to Popular Mechanics — and it also reportedly has surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.

The system is 60 kilowatts, which PopMech pointed out is twice the power of an earlier system the Navy deployed on an amphibious transport ship.

The system will cost $150 million dollars, and the Navy hopes to install it by 2021.


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