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February was a brilliant month for broadband deals and March only continued to pump out the top-notch offers. And yet, throughout that whole time, nothing has managed to beat TalkTalk’s brilliant fibre broadband bargain.

Dropping the cheapest fibre broadband deal in the UK almost a month ago, TalkTalk has finally decided to bring the offer to an end tomorrow, giving the other ISPs out there a fighting chance when it comes to affordable internet.

As sad as we are to see it go, it’s not all bad news, there is still one more day to grab this offering. With monthly bills of £19.95, no upfront costs and some pretty fast average speeds of 36Mb, this is easily the best value fibre broadband deal out there.

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TalkTalk’s unbeatable fibre broadband deal:

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TalkTalk Faster Fibre Broadband | 18 months | Avg speeds 36Mb | Line rental incl. | FREE activation | £19.95pm
Here it is, the best price you can get on fibre right now. Unless you live in Hyperoptic’s 1% UK coverage, nothing manages to top this offer for price, beating out even the notoriously cheap Onestream. With no activation fees, under £20 a month and fast fibre speeds averaging 36Mb – what’s not to love here?

Offer ends at 11.59pm on Thursday, March 14View Deal

What other broadband deals are out there in the UK?

Looking for something a little bit different with your fibre broadband, faster speeds perhaps? Well don’t worry, one look at our broadband deals hub shows that there are plenty of other options available.

While TalkTalk holds the title of cheapest fibre broadband (but not for long), BT is still one of the best value out there. BT has a brilliant fibre deal running right now, which will be ending alongside TalkTalk tomorrow. Speeds averaging 50Mb, a £80 BT Reward card and a free gift worth up to £179, BT’s current offer is one of its best.

Or if you like the idea of cheap fibre but don’t want to go with TalkTalk then Vodafone is still a great offer. For £21 a month (just £1.05 more a month than TalkTalk) you can get Vodafone’s fibre broadband deal.

Finally, if you’ve been eyeing up a broadband and TV deal, Virgin’s Full House package is at its lowest price. For just £45 a month you can get over 230 channels including BT Sport and superfast speeds of 108Mb, 3x as fast as TalkTalk.


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