A person enters the spiritual realm

Are you feeling lost, confused, or unfulfilled in your life? Do you crave a deeper connection with yourself, others, and the universe?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone.

Many people today are searching for meaning and purpose in their lives, and they are turning to spirituality as a way to find it.

But how do you start your spiritual journey? What do you need to begin this adventure of self-exploration and enlightenment?

Well, you don’t need much, really. All you need is an open mind, a willing heart, and a desire to learn and grow.

However, there are some things that can help you along the way. Things that can inspire you, guide you, and support you on your spiritual quest. Things that can make your journey more enjoyable, meaningful, and fun.

That’s why I created this article for you. In this article, I share with you 78 things to buy to start your spiritual journey.

These are things (some of them) that I have personally used or found helpful in my own spiritual journey, and I hope they will do the same for you.

Whether you are new to spirituality or a seasoned seeker, you will find something in this list of spiritual products that will resonate with you and enhance your spiritual journey.

So, are you ready to start your spiritual journey? Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and happiness?

Things to Buy to Start Your Spiritual Journey

Most of these items, can be found on Amazon. In future updates I plan to link to the best products I find online.

ItemHow It Can Help
Journal for Self-ReflectionA journal can serve as a personal space for expressing thoughts, feelings, and experiences, promoting self-awareness and mindfulness.
Crystals for Meditation and HealingCrystals are believed to emit certain energies and vibrations that can aid in meditation, healing, and balancing one’s energy.
Incense Sticks or ConesThe scent of incense can create a calming environment, aiding in relaxation and focus during meditation or spiritual practices.
Meditation Cushion or MatA comfortable cushion or mat can enhance your meditation experience by providing physical support, allowing you to focus on your spiritual practice.
Singing Bowl for Sound TherapySinging bowls produce sounds that invoke a deep state of relaxation, naturally assisting you in entering into meditation, the ultimate goal being enlightenment.
Set of Tarot Cards for DivinationTarot cards can provide insight into the past, present, or future by formulating a question, then drawing and interpreting cards.
Essential Oils and a DiffuserEssential oils can create a soothing atmosphere and enhance your mood, promoting a sense of peace and tranquility.
Sage or Palo Santo for SmudgingSmudging can help cleanse your space and body of negative energy, promoting a healing, positive environment.
Dreamcatcher to Ward Off Negative EnergyDreamcatchers are believed to filter out negative energy and nightmares, allowing only positive dreams to reach you.
Chakra Stones for Balancing EnergyChakra stones are used to balance and align the body’s seven chakras, or energy centers, promoting overall well-being.
Pendulum for DowsingPendulums are often used in dowsing for answers to yes/no questions, or to locate energy blockages within the body.
Set of Meditation Beads or MalaMeditation beads or malas are used to count breaths or mantras during meditation, helping to focus the mind.
Yoga Mat for Physical and Spiritual PracticeA yoga mat provides a dedicated space for physical postures and meditation, supporting your body and defining your spiritual space.
Collection of Spiritual BooksSpiritual books can provide wisdom, inspiration, and guidance on your spiritual journey.
Himalayan Salt Lamp for AmbianceHimalayan salt lamps are believed to cleanse the air and emit positive energy, creating a peaceful and relaxing ambiance.
Deck of Oracle Cards for GuidanceOracle cards can offer insight and guidance on life’s challenges and decisions.
Altar Cloth or TableAn altar cloth or table provides a dedicated space for spiritual practices, creating a focal point for your intentions.
Candles for Meditation and RitualsCandles can create a calming ambiance, and are often used in meditation and rituals to symbolize light in the darkness.
Feather for Smudging or RitualsFeathers are often used in smudging rituals to spread the smoke, symbolizing the air element and helping to cleanse the space.
Tarot Card Bag or BoxA tarot card bag or box provides a protective space for your cards, keeping them clean and energetically safe when not in use.
Meditation Music or Singing BowlsMeditation music or singing bowls can create a calming atmosphere and help guide your focus during meditation.
Buddha Statue for InspirationA Buddha statue serves as a reminder of the Buddha’s teachings of peace, enlightenment, and self-realization.
Rosary for PrayerA rosary is a tool used in many spiritual traditions to count prayers or mantras, helping to maintain focus and devotion.
Mandala Coloring BookColoring mandalas can be a form of meditation, promoting relaxation and mindfulness.
Prayer Beads or RosaryPrayer beads or a rosary can help guide prayer and meditation, providing a tactile focus point.
Meditation Timer or AppA meditation timer or app can help you maintain a consistent meditation practice by keeping track of time for you.
Crystal Grid for ManifestationA crystal grid is a geometric arrangement of crystals that can be used to focus and amplify the crystals’ energy, aiding in manifestation.
Moon Phase CalendarA moon phase calendar can help you align your activities with the lunar cycle, which is significant in many spiritual traditions.
Mindfulness BellA mindfulness bell can be used as a reminder to pause, breathe, and be present, helping individuals cultivate mindfulness and awareness in their daily lives, which are essential aspects of the spiritual journey.
Spiritual Guidance BookA spiritual guidance book provides knowledge, insights, and practical advice to support individuals in their spiritual growth and self-discovery, offering guidance and inspiration along their journey.
Book on Energy HealingA book on energy healing can educate individuals about the principles and practices of energy healing, empowering them to explore and understand this holistic approach to well-being and spiritual development.
Herbal Teas for RelaxationHerbal teas can promote relaxation, stress reduction, and mindfulness, creating a calming ritual that supports individuals in connecting with their inner selves and fostering a sense of peace during their spiritual journey.
Chime or Wind ChimesChimes or wind chimes can be used to create a soothing and harmonious atmosphere, helping individuals to center themselves, enhance their meditation practice, and connect with the present moment through the gentle sounds they produce.
Angel Figurines for ProtectionAngel figurines can serve as symbolic reminders of protection, guidance, and spiritual presence, offering individuals a sense of comfort, hope, and connection to the divine during their spiritual exploration.
Shamanic Drum for JourneyingA shamanic drum can be used for shamanic journeying, meditation, and healing practices, facilitating altered states of consciousness and spiritual exploration, allowing individuals to connect with their inner wisdom and the spiritual realms.
Sage Smudging KitA sage smudging kit enables individuals to engage in the ancient practice of smudging, which involves the burning of sage to cleanse and purify a space, promoting spiritual clarity, emotional balance, and a sense of renewal.
Pendulum Mat for DivinationA pendulum mat for divination provides a dedicated space for individuals to engage in pendulum work, a form of divination that can be used to seek guidance, gain insights, and connect with one’s intuition, supporting spiritual reflection and decision-making.
Meditation Shawl or WrapA meditation shawl or wrap offers comfort, warmth, and a sense of sacredness during meditation and contemplative practices, creating a supportive environment for individuals to deepen their spiritual connection and inner focus.
Singing Bowl CushionA singing bowl cushion provides a stable and resonant base for singing bowls, enhancing their sound and vibration during meditation, relaxation, and healing rituals, promoting a sense of tranquility, balance, and spiritual harmony.
Healing WandA healing wand can be used in energy healing, chakra balancing, and spiritual practices, serving as a tool to direct and channel healing energy, clear blockages, and support the body’s natural healing processes, contributing to spiritual well-being and vitality.
Herbal Smudge StickAn herbal smudge stick, such as white sage, can be used for smudging rituals to cleanse and purify a space, release negative energy, and invite positive intentions, promoting spiritual clarity, emotional upliftment, and a sense of sacredness.
Sacred Geometry Wall ArtSacred geometry wall art, featuring symbolic and harmonious geometric patterns, can serve as a visual meditation aid, inspiring contemplation, spiritual reflection, and a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of the universe, supporting individuals in their spiritual journey.
Dream JournalKeeping a dream journal can help you remember and interpret your dreams, providing insight into your subconscious mind.
Crystal PendulumA crystal pendulum can be used for dowsing, a type of divination that involves finding hidden things.
Meditation BenchA meditation bench provides a comfortable and stable place to sit during meditation, promoting better posture and deeper focus.
Chakra Balancing KitA chakra balancing kit typically includes items like crystals and essential oils that are associated with the body’s energy centers, aiding in energy healing.
Gratitude JournalRegularly writing in a gratitude journal can help you focus on the positive aspects of your life, fostering a sense of contentment and well-being.
Inspirational Wall QuotesInspirational quotes can serve as daily reminders of your spiritual goals and values.
Mindfulness Coloring BookColoring can be a form of meditation, promoting relaxation and present-moment awareness.
Dream Interpretation BookA dream interpretation book can provide guidance on understanding the symbolic language of dreams.
Relaxation Eye PillowA relaxation eye pillow can provide gentle pressure on the eyes, promoting relaxation and aiding in meditation and restful sleep.
Crystal Ball for ScryingA crystal ball can be used for scrying, a type of divination that involves gazing into a reflective surface to receive spiritual visions.
Tarot JournalKeeping a tarot journal can help you track your readings and develop a deeper understanding of the tarot’s symbolism.
Meditation HeadbandA meditation headband can monitor your brainwaves during meditation, providing feedback to help you deepen your practice.
Crystal Massage WandA crystal massage wand can be used in energy healing to direct healing energy to specific areas of the body.
Healing Crystals GuideA guide to healing crystals can provide information on the properties of various crystals, helping you choose the ones that best support your spiritual goals.
Pendulum BoardA pendulum board provides a structured platform for divination and intuitive exploration, allowing individuals to seek guidance, gain insights, and connect with their inner wisdom, supporting spiritual reflection and decision-making.
Spirit Animal GuidebookA spirit animal guidebook helps individuals discover and connect with their spirit animals, providing insights, guidance, and a deeper understanding of oneself and the spiritual realms, supporting personal growth and intuitive development.
Crystal Storage BoxA crystal storage box offers a dedicated and organized space to store crystals, promoting a sense of reverence, mindfulness, and energetic harmony, supporting individuals in working with crystals for healing, meditation, and spiritual practices.
Tibetan Prayer FlagA Tibetan prayer flag serves as a sacred symbol of blessings, compassion, and protection, creating a spiritual atmosphere and promoting positive energy, mindfulness, and a sense of interconnectedness with the universe during one’s spiritual journey.
Goddess FigurineA goddess figurine represents divine feminine energy, empowerment, and nurturing, serving as a visual reminder of the sacred feminine within and around us, supporting individuals in connecting with the goddess archetype and embracing their own inner wisdom and strength.
Smudging Feather FanA smudging feather fan is used in smudging rituals to disperse the smoke of sacred herbs, promoting energetic cleansing, purification, and spiritual protection, creating a sacred space for meditation, prayer, and spiritual practices.
Crystal Energy PyramidA crystal energy pyramid is believed to amplify and focus the energy of crystals, serving as a powerful tool for energy work, meditation, and spiritual healing, supporting individuals in raising their vibration and connecting with higher spiritual frequencies.
Moon Phase Wall ClockA moon phase wall clock provides a visual representation of the lunar cycle, supporting individuals in attuning to the natural rhythms of the moon, enhancing their awareness, intuition, and spiritual connection with the cosmic forces and the cycles of life.
Crystal Healing PendantA crystal healing pendant can be worn to benefit from the energetic properties of the crystal, promoting personal healing, spiritual protection, and energetic balance, serving as a tangible reminder of one’s spiritual intentions and connection with the healing energies of the crystal.
Candle Holder for RitualsA candle holder for rituals provides a sacred space for holding candles during spiritual practices, creating a reverent atmosphere, promoting focus, intention, and spiritual illumination, supporting individuals in their meditation, prayer, and ritual work.
Crystal-Infused Water BottleA crystal-infused water bottle allows individuals to infuse their drinking water with the energetic properties of crystals, promoting hydration, vitality, and spiritual well-being, supporting individuals in integrating crystal energy into their daily lives and spiritual practices.
Crystal Energy Grid ClothA crystal energy grid cloth serves as a foundation for creating crystal grids, promoting intention setting, energy amplification, and spiritual manifestation, supporting individuals in harnessing the combined energy of crystals for healing, protection, and spiritual growth.
Himalayan Salt Candle HolderA Himalayan salt candle holder emits a warm, soothing glow and is believed to purify the air by releasing negative ions.
Chakra Affirmation PosterA chakra affirmation poster can serve as a daily reminder to balance your energy centers and reinforce positive self-talk.
Tarot Card Storage PouchA tarot card storage pouch provides a safe and respectful place to keep your tarot cards when not in use.
Crystal Healing GuidebookA crystal healing guidebook can provide information on the healing properties of various crystals, helping you choose the ones that best support your spiritual goals.
Meditation GongA meditation gong can be struck at the beginning and end of meditation to mark the start and end of your practice.
Pendulum StandA pendulum stand provides a safe and respectful place to store your pendulum when not in use.
Spirit Animal Tarot DeckA spirit animal tarot deck can provide guidance and insight based on the wisdom of various spirit animals.
Crystal Energy Cleansing KitA crystal energy cleansing kit can be used to cleanse your crystals, removing any negative energy they may have absorbed.
Moon Phase Wall ArtMoon phase wall art can serve as a reminder of the lunar cycle, which is significant in many spiritual traditions.
Crystal Grid Activation KitA crystal grid activation kit contains the tools needed to activate a crystal grid, helping to focus and amplify the grid’s energy.

Final Take

So there you have it. 78 things that can help you meditate, heal, connect, explore, learn, express, and manifest on your spiritual path.

These are things that I have personally used or found helpful in my own spiritual journey, and I hope they will do the same for you. You don’t have to buy all of them, of course. You can choose the ones that appeal to you the most, or the ones that fit your budget and lifestyle.

The important thing is to use them with intention, curiosity, and joy. Remember, spirituality is not a destination, but a journey.

A journey of self-discovery, growth, and happiness. And these 78 things can make your journey more enjoyable, meaningful, and fun.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your spiritual journey today!

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