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In our view, Apple has never made a more compelling phone than the iPhone XR. Taking some of the manufacturer’s best features and putting it in a package that’s much more affordable than its most extravagant handsets, it’s a really easy smartphone to recommend – especially when stunning new iPhone XR deals come out of the woodwork.

That’s why we were delighted when Mobiles.co.uk started bandying about auto-cashback offers on the XR. And the tariff that really caught our attention was this one – 15 glorious GB of data every month, plus unlimited texts and calls on O2. And £34 per month doesn’t feel excessive on a phone this new (and impressive).

Head straight to this iPhone XR deal at Mobiles.co.uk

The only potential drawback is the upfront spend, with the original tariff requiring you to put down £165. But, thanks to Mobiles’ current cashback promotion, that cost is slashed by £90 thanks to automatic cashback, which the retailer says you’ll get within 38 days of receiving your phone.

Then take off a further tenner thanks to our exclusive 10OFF voucher code, and you have a total two-year spend that drops down below the £900-mark. That’s pretty much unheard of for the XR.

But time’s running out to claim this terrific iPhone XR tariff. Mobiles.co.uk has told us that the cashback incentive will be removed this Thursday, February 7, so if you’ve been um-ing and ah-ing about getting an iPhone XR then you may want to strike now.

iPhone XR deals: this brilliant cashback offer in full

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