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The festivities of the Christmas period may have only just come to an end but we’re already launching straight on into the January sales, and Mobiles.co.uk is celebrating with a Samsung Galaxy S9 deal worth getting excited about. 

This offer gets you the Samsung S9 for the low monthly price of £23 a month with 3GB of data. Sounds good? Well, it gets better, if you use our exclusive TechRadar discount code TECH25OFF the upfront cost drops down to £50, making it one of the cheapest S9 deals on the market right now. 

The Samsung Galaxy S9 was a decent phone for 2018, packing a top camera with a smaller form factor over the plus model, and the current price drops are making it a much more attractive proposition – don’t forget, we’re still a few months out from the forthcoming Galaxy S10, so the S9 still represents one of the very best phones we’ve seen around at the moment.

If this sounds like the deal for you then you can find all of the details down below – but you do need to hurry as this deal ends on December 31. 

If this wasn’t quite the deal you were hoping for then don’t worry we have gathered all of the best deals for the flagship device on our Samsung Galaxy S9 deals page. 

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This exclusive Galaxy S9 deal in full:

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EXCLUSIVE Samsung Galaxy S9 at Mobiles.co.uk | O2 | £75 £50 upfront with TECH25OFF code | 1000 minutes and unlimited texts | 3GB data | £23 per month
Here it is, one of the best deal you are going to get on a Samsung Galaxy S9 – it’s on O2 and it’s exclusive to TechRadar. If you use our TECH25OFF code you will drop the upfront cost down to £50 making it one of the cheapest Galaxy S9 deals available right now. But hurry, this deal will finish on the December 31.
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