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We know, we know. The January sales are well and truly over and with them some of the best tech bargains of 2019 so far. But when it comes to internet offers, a little digging beneath the surface reveals that fibre broadband deals remain in rude health – even if providers aren’t shouting about them as much.

Below you’ll see our favourite three fibre deals of the moment. And this isn’t a list of dodgy-sounding ISPs that you’ve barely even heard of. We’re celebrating a BT Superfast package that gets you a bountiful prepaid credit card and a reduced price on BT Sport, a cheap Plusnet tariff with a healthy reward, and ridiculously cheap bills from Vodafone.

And if you’re still unsure about whether you can even get fibre optic broadband where you live, then scroll all the way to the bottom of this article, pop in your postcode, and if deals show then you’re good to go!

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1. Vodafone’s ultra cheap fibre broadband

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Vodafone Superfast 1 | 18 month contract | 35Mb average speed | Line rental inc. | FREE activation | £20 per month
If you’re simply looking for the very cheapest widely available fibre broadband on the market, you can stop the search with Vodafone. It’s very simple…£20 a month and nothing upfront. That gets you average speeds that should permit downloads of more than 4MB per second.

And assuming that broadband speed is one of your main concerns, Vodafone doubles down by giving the ‘Ultimate Speed Guarantee’ of a minimum 25Mb. Stoop beneath that and Vodafone will compensate you until it’s fixed.
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2. The best from BT, with fast speeds and extra perks

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BT Superfast Fibre| 18 months | 50Mb avg speed | Weekend calls | Free BT Sport for 3 months | £9.99 delivery | FREE activation | £29.99pm + £100 Reward Card
On the face of it, BT appears to be a little bit more expensive than some other internet companies – the monthly cost set at around £30 rather than towards £20. But then consider that it throws in a £100 ‘Reward Card’ that can be spent anywhere Mastercard is accepted, and immediately the effective monthly cost comes down to around £25.

Then notice that the average speed you get is around 50% faster than what other ISPs offer for their entry-level fibre. And finally that you can add BT Sport app access for £9 a month after the first three months FREE.

Current offer ends at 11.59pm on Thursday, January 31View Deal

3. Plusnet plus an added bonus on its great value fibre

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Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Broadband | 18 months | 36Mb average speed | Free calls to Plusnet customers | £25 FREE upfront | £23.99 per month + £40 Reward Card
When we’re hunting around for cheap internet deals, Plusnet is always one of the first names on the list to check. Whether you want rapid fibre or simply the best cheap broadband deals on the UK market, Plusnet is invariably part of the conversation.

Its latest promo completely removes the upfront spend and then puts you in credit with a £40 prepaid Mastercard. It’s not quite as cheap as Vodafone, but its average speeds are slightly faster.
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If you still haven’t found the perfect offer for you from the picks above, then don’t be disheartened – there are looooads of other savings to be made. Head on over to our dedicated broadband deals guide or simply check out the fibre price comparison below.


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