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Images of Sony’s upcoming Xperia L3 have been leaked online, along with specs and some clues as to the device’s features. 

The renders and information, courtesy of WinFuture, show each side of the phone as well as some angle shots. They show the device’s ports, including a 3.5mm headphone jack and USB-C port, and some of the other features the phone has — and they also suggest a couple of omissions.  

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According to the leak the device has a 5.7-inch 1440 x 720 LCD screen, which is an improvement over the Xperia L2’s 5.5-inch LCD, although that had the same resolution. 

One apparent inclusion is a slot for microSD cards, and there are also speaker perforations at the top and bottom of the device. There’s no rear fingerprint sensor — instead the scanner is on the side of the device, between the volume and power buttons, and rather than a notch there’s a substantial bezel on the top and bottom of the screen. 

The front camera is just to the left of a central speaker in the top bezel, while round the back the dual-lens main cameras are on the upper-left side. According to the leak the front camera is 8MP, and the two rear lenses are 13MP and 2MP – the main difference between the Xperia L3 and the L2 is that 2MP camera, which supposedly is for capturing depth effects.

The real weakness of the device, judging by the leak, is the specs. Supposedly it’ll have 3GB RAM and 32GB internal memory, and will only run Android 8.1 on release. If the handset does come with a 3,300mAh battery as suggested that’ll go some way to making up for those shortcoming, but those are still pretty disappointing internals – in fact they’re identical to the Xperia L2’s.

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Image credit: WinFuture

Image credit: WinFuture

(Image: © WinFuture)

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Image credit: WinFuture

Image credit: WinFuture

(Image: © WinFuture)

The design of the handset is fairly minimalist, and it doesn’t seem to have all the features and functions of a top-range device – indeed, according to WinFuture the device will launch for €199, which converts to around $220, £175 or AU$315, so it’s clearly a budget device.

If this leak is accurate, then between the basic-looking design and identical specs to the previous device we’re not exactly blown away by the Xperia L3 – although it is meant to be a budget device, and of course these specs and renders aren’t necessarily the real deal. It’s possible we’ll find out more about the device at MWC 2019 when many new phones get announced and launched.  


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