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Virgin Media Business has announced new mobile data plans that allow small and medium-sized businesses to buy in bulk to save money and make data sharing easier. 

The system works by allowing a company to buy all its data allowance at once and then spreading that across as many SIMs as it needs. Each SIM, in a phone, tablet, smartwatch, car or whatever, can then have its allowance capped. 

If one employee then finds that they need more data, then more can be allotted to them from the pool of data available with changes possible monthly.

Smaller business can pay £25 per month to get 10GB of data spread across two SIMs. Or for larger businesses 100GB and 10 SIMs will be set at £125 per month. There are lots of options with up to 1,000GB of data available per month. You can see all the plans by heading to Virgin Business website.

Should anyone go over the data allowance there is a cap of just £1 for 1GB meaning there shouldn’t be any instances of being stuck without data. That should keep any extra charges to a minimum, too. 

Rob Orr, Executive Director – Commercial & Marketing, Virgin Media Business, said: “By bringing together the data businesses need, the handsets staff want and the flexibility to automatically share that data as needed, our mobile data sharer plan is making it easier than ever for businesses to keep connected on the go.”

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